Meet the Founder

Hello, I'm Paras, founder of Doshi Vegan Bags and Accessories (Doshi FCSA).

While nobody wants to read a life story, I wanted to relate a little bit about why I started Doshi.  I'll keep it short as nobody wants a TL;DR!

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in a culture is known for being the root of ahimsa (non-violence).  The roots that I come from, my ancestors, were all vegetarian.  The concept of respecting life and having compassion shape my formative years.  As a young person, I very occasionally ate meat but when my awareness caught up with my actions, I stopped eating meat at the age of 13 and never looked back.  In 2012, I went vegan and though I'm not a perfect vegan, I can say that I eat vegan 99% of the time.  I believe that a vegan diet is the right and most ethical diet. I admire vegans who are able to be 100% vegan through and through.  For myself, I'm of the belief that we should strive to do our best to be as close to 100% vegan as much as possible.  Onwards...

Professionally, I spent sixteen years working for local government moving up through the ranks while working on a variety of projects to make my city a better place. I helped LAPD use its first ever handheld computers, sold municipal debt, and improve ground transportation operations at LAX amongst a variety of other projects. Along the way I earned an MBA at USC. While at USC, I considered two paths - consulting or entrepreneurship.  I did a feasibility study on creating a vegan shoe company while in business school but in 2006, data was minimal and the outlook uncertain. When I graduated business school in 2008 the great recession was upon us and I returned to the City as a place of safe harbor during the financial crisis.  The idea of entrepreneurship remained with me but it was 

Towards the end of my career with the city, a promised promotion did not come through and I was devastated that so much hard work and dedication could go unrewarded.  While I fought to get that promotion, I became determined to