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French Kraft Paper Vegan Wallet

Tan Floral Kraft Paper
White & Blue Floral Kraft Paper

The term French wallet refers to wallets that contain two sections:
1) An easily accessible section where bills and cards are kept, and
2) A secure section closed by a zipper, flap, or kiss lock.

Our French Wallet combines a snap button section for cards which opens up to a full length bill compartment and a zipper area for coins, earbuds, or other small essentials.
French wallets are a great choice for those who carry purses that are not as wide and need a wallet with a square form factor.


  • We took our ever popular kraft paper totes and backpacks and created wallets using the same tan material and a new kraft paper continuing with our love for floral patterns! The use of kraft paper continues our mission to push forward vegan materials that are as much as possible plant based, sustainable, and biodegradable.
  • In this application, the tan kraft paper is glossy while the white/blue kraft paper is closer to matte.
  • YKK Excella zippers are the top of the line zipper from YKK, the largest zipper company in the world. Excella zippers feature extra wide teeth to convey a level of luxury found in a few other products.
  • RFID protection
  • PETA-Approved Vegan Wallet. No leather or animal products are used.

Available colors & materials:

Kraft Paper v. Cork: In recent years, we've seen items made of cork get a fair deal of attention. In our research, cork does not represent a good eco-friendly and vegan alternative because the backing, often made from polyester, makes up the majority of the product. The cork layer that is glued on top of the polyester is a small fraction of the thickness of the material. We believe that kraft paper, which contains at least 50% cellulose (and can approach 80% cellulose) is a much more eco-friendly material. While we have made cork items in the past, we stopped manufacturing with cork a few years ago once we better understood the material. We are open to revisiting the cork if the material stops requiring a backer.