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Becoming the Luxury UnBrand: Why we're offering our largest discount up front and what we're doing to give you more.

The traditional model of retail puts a product in store at full price to start and then gradually introduces discounts. We're providing our highest discount upfront so that our most loyal customers benefit for their loyalty. We're also providing new customers and those on a budget an opportunity to more easily try vegan and eco-friendly materials.

While brands constantly look to cut corners, we're finding ways to do give our customers more.  Here are a few ways we're doing more for our customers:

1) Material: We started with using microfiber - the best synthetic handbag material. Miles better than PU, we have bags out there from the beginning of our journey that are still beautiful with little wear. We now work with the highest end microfiber factories to bring you the best materials.

2) Material: We introduced highly biodegradable and highly eco-friendly materials: Pinatex and kraft paper.

3) Metal:Our belt buckles mostly gone from zinc alloy to stainless steel.

4) Metal: We have brass hooks on our new Hobo Bag.

5) Rewards: We offer our customers 5 points/dollar spent.

6) Learning: Each time we make a bag, we take what we've learned and apply it to the next bag to

7) Responsibility: It's not just enough to be vegan. We work to minimize waste, use more eco-friendly materials, and produce responsibly. While we're in the business to sell products, we don't want to do this at the expense of the world. We build products to last and do our best not to over produce.

Our boxes have been made from recycled paper from the start. In 2023, we switched the packaging of our belts to bags made from biodegradable corn starch.

8) We've quit looking for retailers. If Nordstrom or Macy's comes knocking on our door, we won't say no but they'll have to work with our pricing structure.