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February 16, 2022 3 min read

Wallets are one of those things that we interact with and use almost every day. So, most of us want something that will be practical, well-thought out and stylish. Bifold, trifold, continental, card holder or wrist wallet – there are many choices!

Whatever style you choose, picking a vegan leather wallet offers many benefits.

Cruelty Free

For those of us who love our animal friends, the idea of wearing them just doesn’t sit right.

With a quick search, all of the horrors that animals are subjected to are right before our eyes. The inhumane living conditions and brutal means of slaughter seem worthlessly cruel when the outcome is just a wallet or pair of shoes.

Choosing a cruelty-free vegan leather wallet takes financial backing away from the predatory and cruel industry of animal goods.

Better for the Environment

The environmental impact of the leather industry is intense. It’s one of the leading causes of deforestation, increased greenhouse gas emissions and chemical pollution that affect the environment and those exposed to these chemicals.

The choice to buy a vegan leather wallet lessens the environmental impact that the leather industry currently has on our planet. Check our more in-depth info on leather and the environment here.

Vegan leather materials come with a range of environmental benefits depending on the type of material. With everything from cork to microfiber PU or Kraft Paper, these vegan leather alternatives all offer different features but are all great choices depending on your preference.


At Doshi, many of our products are made from Microfiber PU. We feel this material most closely mimics the benefits of leather while remaining durable and offering a superior vegan leather product.

Many vegan leather options have the benefit of being water resistant due to the coating used to give a leather-like effect. This adds a benefit that leather cannot provide. Often leather becomes more brittle once it gets wet from a splash or walking through the rain. The act of the leather drying strips some of the oils from the hide and makes the leather less flexible. Most vegan leather options the water would just sit atop the material and bead off.

Another reason that durability is important comes down to the environmental impact. When we choose an item that will hold up over time remove ourselves from the fast-fashion cycle of buying, using and then throwing away (and then buying again) in such short succession. Again, this takes support away from an unsustainable industry and more importantly keeps more items out of landfills.

Endless Options for Every Style

A fun benefit of choosing a vegan leather wallet is all the options to choose from when shopping. The growing customer desire for vegan leather products has driven the market to produce a greater variety of materials, colors and finishes.

So, if you're a lover of croc print but love the crocodiles even more, you can still find a vegan wallet the matches the beautiful animals we so admire. There really is no excuse to not shop vegan because there are so many options out there!

We Love the Vegan Life

We are so passionate about living a vegan lifestyle at Doshi that we want to make sure everyone has the option to make vegan choices too. That is why we’ve thrown our passion into creating luxury vegan leather accessories like our vegan leather wallet that you can shop here and here.

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