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First Five For The World

Like many emerging, socially conscious brands, we are highly motivated to do our part for causes we believe in. As such, we decided to create a program that we call First Five For The World.

First Five For The World is our target to donate 5% of net sales to non-profits benefiting animals, people, and the environment. We are open to other companies adopting our initiative and find it a very clear, open, direct and measurable way to show our impact.


The non-profits that we choose to partner with meet the following criteria:
  • Meet the goals of our First Five For The World program,
  • Earned a generally positive and high rating on Charity Navigator, and
  • Reasonable executive compensation.

Selected non-profits:

  1. Farm Sanctuary
  2. Compassion Over Killing
  3. Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank
  4. Mercy For Animals
  5. India Development and Relief Fund
  6. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

We also donate products to other non-profits throughout the year to support fundraisers!  However, we get overwhelmed with requests.  We try to donate to as many non-profits doing great work as we can but we do not have the means to meet every one of the requests we receive.

Sidebar: You may have noticed that we do not yet have an environmental non-profit on our list.  We have not found one that meets our criteria.  In almost every case where we have researched a non-profit that benefits the environment, we have found executive compensation that ranges from $300,000 to $600,000 or is greater than 1% of revenue.  We find these numbers unacceptable.

We've also (financially) adopted a rooster from one of our favorite places, Farm Sanctuary. A picture of Li Mu Bai (yes his name comes from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) is on our homepage.

We also donate to:

  1. PETA
  2. Wishing Well Sanctuary
  3. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
  4. Other pro-animal non-profits, ASHA (education for children) and fruit and granola bars to homeless folks everywhere we go.
First Five For The World's long term goal is to fund and assist one off projects that can make a significant positive impact on animals, people, or the environment.  We hope to have an impact on world events and take on special projects as we grow.  One person we would love to help plants trees to save his island from erosion.

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