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October 07, 2021 5 min read

One major downfall with fashion apparel is that they become outdated pretty quickly. However, there is one item that has managed to hold onto a space in everyone's closet is tote bags. Tote bags have been around for quite some time but recently they’ve become pretty popular.

Tote bags are hands-down one of the best accessories out there because of their versatility; there are so many ways to use a tote bag! You simply can’t imagine how totes can be used - they fit almost every purpose under the sun.

Here are some creative ways to use a vegan tote bag that you probably didn’t think of.

Carry-On Bag

Are you a frequent flier? If so, you may want to consider using a vegan tote bag as a carry-on bag. You want something that can hold all of your essentials and stand up to the stress that air travel can cause.

You may be skeptical about this but hear me out. Backpacks and suitcases often take up a lot of space as a carry-on, the majority of the time light attendants make you store your carry-on in the overhead bins making it difficult to access any items you may need. With a tote, you can simply place it on the floor in front of you so you have access to everything you need throughout your flight.

The Weekender Tote, a vegan leather tote really is perfect for this! It’s big enough to hold a laptop but it also allows easy access to get things in and out of the bag while you’re going through security. It also has interior pockets that you can use for your passport to keep it safe.

Organizing Your Footwear and Bags

A woman in a bright floral top holds a small brown tote up to the camera.

I’m sure you’ve experienced a time where your wardrobe was taken over by footwear. You can use vegan tote handbags to keep your shoes in check. It really is a great way to organize your shoes. One vegan leather tote can be used to organize sneakers while another vegan tote can be used to organize flats.

You can also store seasonal shoes in a tote until the season rolls around again. For example, when it gets too cold for flip flops or sandals you can store them away in a tote until next Summer so they won’t get in your way. Be sure to plastic wrap or even shower caps over the bottoms of your shoes, these work great for protecting your tote from getting dirty.

On top of storing shoes you can also store any bags that you prefer to use in different seasons!

A Sleepover Bag

A large vegan leather tote is perfect for all sleepovers. Whether the sleepover is for your teenager or yourself, instead of emptying out an old backpack filled with random items, use a tote! Totes are big enough to store clothes, bathroom necessities - like a hairbrush, scrunchies, tooth brush, toothpaste - and anything else you might need overnight.

The Debut Portrait Tote is perfect for this! It’s lightweight and large enough to fit all of the sleepover necessities, and you can use the matching pouch to store your bathroom essentials.

Laptop Bag


Laptops are essential for those who commute to college or work, let’s be honest most of us carry one with us every day. Instead of carrying your laptop around with no protection or a basic laptop sleeve, consider using a tote as a makeshift laptop bag.

Tote bags are bigger and more durable than regular laptop bags so you can be confident that you can fit all your work and school essentials and that your laptop will be protected during your commute. Another reason to use a tote as a laptop bag is tote’s just look so much better than standard laptop bags. Totes offer fashion along with functionality, what more could you want!

Just put your laptop and the necessary accessories in your tote along with whatever else you need and you’re ready to go! No more carrying your purse along with a second bag for your laptop.

Bag for Yoga Gear

Pick up a durable vegan tote that matches your favorite yoga gear and you’ll be ready to hit your yoga class with style. Be sure to get a tote with pockets for small things like clips and hair ties. Also be sure the tote is big enough for you to bring clothes to change out of when you’re done. 

The Debut Casual Tote Seconds is a great option if you’re looking to use a tote for your yoga gear. It’s large enough to fit clothes to change into and it also includes a matching pouch for your hair ties and clips.

Gym Bag


If you’re not a professional athlete and only take your gym clothes, deodorant, and any other gym essentials you don’t need a fancy Nike or Adidas bag. Simply use a vegan tote purse and make your way to the gym!

Storage for Out-of-Season Clothing


When the seasons change and it’s time to put away the bathing suits or bulky sweaters until next year, don’t just shove them in the back of your closet. Trust me, don’t. You’ll end up having to deal with them later which isn’t a fun experience.

Totes are a practical and economical storage option. Fold the out-of-season clothing up and put them in a tote. If you want to go the extra mile you can use several totes that range in color so you can organize your clothing based on the color. For example, you can use a red tote for skirts, a black tote for shirts, a blue tote for pants, etc.

If you’re looking for a more permanent organization option, instead of storing out-of-season clothing you can separate your clothes and shoes into two groups. One group is for clothing items you don’t wear often and the second group is for clothing items you wear all the time. This way once the items are stored in totes you can hang the tote with your frequently worn items in your closet where you have easy access to it.

Blending Veganism into Everyday Life

Everyday life and living by vegan principals can definitely go hand in hand. At Doshi we do just that, and we are passionate about providing high quality vegan accessories for all parts of your life.

That’s why we pride ourselves on creating a well-rounded collection of well-thought-out products. Our totes allow you to carry your vegan principles with you wherever you go.

Do you want to stay updated on the latest here at Doshi? You can get on our mailing list to stay up on our latest products and news. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for the future!

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