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October 11, 2019 1 min read

Doshi Wisdom: Reflections, Thoughts and Challenges to Conventional Wisdom

Hi, I'm Paras, founder of Doshi.  Along my journey to create the best vegan bags and accessories company, I occasionally reflect or catch myself thinking about something.  I'm sharing my thoughts.  I may amend my thoughts or completely change them as the journey continues.  What's the end goal of this company?  To continously deliver a trifecta of style, durability, and eco-friendly vegan products at a fair price.  We would define this as value.

From the Founder 1: You don't start a journey for the sake of the journey. Enjoy the journey. Get to your destination.

Coach had a statement on their website.  Coach Rule 31: The journey is the destination.  It's a popular notion that's overused.  It makes it easy to not achieve your aims.  There's so much to learn along a journey but not having a target in mind makes the journey meander, which is fine if you're a philosopher but for the lot of us, we need to get to work, we want to do well, and we want to achieve our aims. Enjoy the journey and get to your destination.  Trying to get to your destination might require hardship and sacrifices and that's part of the journey.

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