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December 23, 2021 4 min read 1 Comment

So, you want to govegan. Good! Veganism is good for both you, the environment, and her creatures. With such a diet, you will be positively contributing to the future of the planet’s health while improving your own. 

Where do you start? There are plenty of strategies you can employ to complete your transition from omnivore to herbivore, then from vegetarian to vegan. Each method can be personalized to your liking, on restaurant menus and in your own kitchen. 

Do you knowwhy you want to go vegan? Your answer to that question may be more important than you realize. 

Here are a few primary tips and tricks to be aware of during your vegan journey. 

Learn Why Veganism is the Way to Go

Before undertaking the vegan journey, one must realize its value.Veganism is a full blown philosophy that governs not just diet but all our consumer choices (such as usingvegan-leather bags and belts!).

The first thing an aspiring vegan should do, if they haven’t already, is learn everything they can about the philosophy itself. Explore the total health benefits, the advantages for the environment, theterrors of factory farming, the future costs and sources for your vegan groceries and products. 

Vegans typically adopt the lifestyle for health or ethical reasons,or both

Within that conscientious research, you will likely discover your own personal reasons for the shift to veganism. That development is imperative, as the journey into veganism - especially for someone who spent their whole life up to now eating and buyingwhatever they wanted - can be a real challenge. 

Here is anarticle listing out some of the major books to read and documentaries to watch to help convince you of the efficacy (and morality) of a plant-based lifestyle. 

To just name a few, check out: 

Understandingwhy veganism is valuable to you and the world around you is a necessary component of the philosophy’s staying power in your life. 

A wooden serving plate holds three slices of brown bread topped with avocao, bananas and blueberries, and tomatoes, respectively.

Transition Tips On Developing a Steady Diet

Many recommend that the transition into veganism should start with a step-by-step approach incorporating aspects of the vegan diet before going all the way. You don’t want to shock your body by cutting meat and other animal products cold turkey (pun intended). Aslower, more methodical transition to a full vegan diet can be prudent for your health. 

As part of your research, start to understand how you can nourish your body completely based on a plant-based diet. Get used to reading the ingredient lists on your grocery items and asking the waiter about the vegan items on the menu. Find out the major differences betweenvegetarianism and veganism

World of Vegan presents aguide on each of the major nutrients and how a vegan can get them all entirely through various plant-based foods. Contrary to some sentiments, a vegan can definitely still get the protein they need to build muscle and participate in competitive athletics. Former all-pro running back in the NFL,Arian Foster, and championship winning NBA point guardKyrie Irving are a few examples of vegan professional athletes. Additionally, tennis superstarSerena Williams subscribes to a plant-based diet. 

I Love Vegan has its owncomprehensive article to help you transition, including the sentiment of ‘adding to your diet before subtracting’ from it. Incorporate more whole grain, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and tofu into your diet - and understand their value for your new diet. They also write about how to deal with your “barrier foods” - foods that you love, likecheese or specific kinds of meat - that you may continue to experience cravings for after your diet change. 

Check out the bestvegan recipe websites, collecting and experimenting with their recipes. Get comfortable preparing simple and quick vegan dishes, customizing them with flavors and spices that you like. 

The Guardian also features ahandy guide of “The 14 things you need to know before you go vegan” - including how to ensure your friends are accepting, how to better handle the expenses, and how to continue getting the proteins your body needs. 

The key to maintaining your vegan diet ultimately becomes all about knowledge and motivation. Motive comes with understanding why, nutritionally and ethically, that you want to be vegan. Then, knowing all the different kinds of fantastic meals you can still enjoy under a plant-based diet will ease your transition into the lifestyle. 

Don’t Give Up and Remember Why 

Veganism is a serious commitment. Don’t lose heart. Even if you become overwhelmed and give in to your cravings - faltering along the journey by eating a cheeseburger - or you only go vegetarian (orflexitarian), know that you are still moving in the right direction. Focus less on the label and more on your health, and the ethics of cutting down your consumption of animal-based products in whatever ways you can. 

Here atDoshi, we provide smart, fashionable, and quality vegan products to people who have ethical, religious, or environmental beliefs that lead them to seek such vegan products. Check out ourhandbags,belts,briefcases (and eventually shoes) to carry your vegan beliefs into more areas of your life. 

Like all great and rewarding challenges, going vegan has a learning curve. Take heart that you are making a positive contribution to your body and the world around you. Keep moving forward and you will be a proud vegan in no time. 

An image of a woman with a backpack that reads, "People that say vegans are weak clearly have no idea how much strength it takes to stand up for what you believe in."

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