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January 22, 2017 1 min read

Pineapple leather?  Mushroom leather?

We often have friends ask us if we've seen some of the materials made from the waste of mushrooms or pineapples. We're super excited about finding non-petroleum based materials. We went out and contacted the mushroom leather supplier.  Their cost of materials is (no exaggeration) 20x to 100x the cost of a high quality microfiber leather available in the market today.  It's rather impractical.  When the cost of these materials and availability becomes more reasonable, we'll provide those materials to you.  And here's another way to think about it, instead of us producing a mushroom leather briefcase that we'll market for \$1,000, buy one of our's for \$200, give the \$800 to a responsible charity that supports the causes you believe in and know that you've made a greater difference in everyone's life. Smart is better than novel.

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