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October 03, 2023 2 min read

Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity shine while indulging in some spooky fun. But as conscious consumers, we understand the importance of making sustainable choices even during the spookiest of seasons. That's why this year, we're here to help you craft a cruelty-free Halloween costume with a focus on vegan Halloween accessories and sustainable fashion. Dive into our DIY costume ideas that won't haunt the planet, brought to you by Doshi, your go-to brand for vegan handbags, wallets, and belts.

1. The Mysterious Mummy

For a mummy costume that wraps you in sustainable style, gather some old white bed sheets or scrap fabrics. Cut them into strips to create your bandages. To ensure your costume remains cruelty-free, choose vegan-friendly glue or fabric adhesive to secure your strips. Don't forget to add some faux leather Doshi belts to cinch your mummy look together.

2. Fierce Forest Spirit

Channel your inner forest spirit by becoming a woodland creature for Halloween. Start with a simple brown or green outfit. Add some DIY vegan antlers made from paper or cardboard covered with faux fur or fabric. Doshi's earth-toned belts will complete your forest-inspired costume.

3. Vegan Vampire

Turn into a classic vampire with a sustainable twist. Search for an old black curtain or upcycle an old piece of clothing to create your vampire cape. Ensure it's cruelty-free by opting for faux leather details instead of real leather. Accessorize with a Doshi wallet chain for that extra vampire flair.

4. Ghoulishly Glamorous Ghost

Go glamorous as a ghost with a touch of elegance. Find an old white lace curtain or repurpose an old white dress for your ghostly gown. Keep it vegan by avoiding silk or real lace. Enhance your look with a Doshi clutch bag, perfect for carrying around your Halloween treats.

5. Cosmic Alien Explorer

For a costume that's out of this world, become a cosmic alien explorer. Create a vegan-friendly space helmet using cardboard or foam and cover it with metallic fabric. Craft a futuristic outfit using metallic or silver materials. Don't forget to secure your costume with a Doshi belt for an intergalactic touch.


This Halloween, you can be both spooky and sustainable with these DIY costume ideas that showcase vegan Halloween accessories and promote sustainable fashion. Doshi, your trusted brand for vegan handbags, wallets, and belts, encourages you to have a spooktacular time while being mindful of the planet. So, grab your crafting supplies, get creative, and let your cruelty-free costume shine on Halloween night! Remember, fashion can be compassionate and eco-friendly, even on the spookiest of occasions. Happy Halloween!


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