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August 11, 2021 2 min read

Doshi is all about providing quality vegan bags at reasonable prices and our materials are second to none but we wanted to show a few pieces from other leading vegan designers.

Check out our favorite vegan leather designer bags, here are some of our luxury favorites.

From a vegan tote to a cute shopper and an iconic “cool-girl” bag of the moment, we have some suggestions if you want a little luxury in your life while still sticking to your vegan principles. We don’t need to sacrifice for our morals, at least not where fashion is concerned. Get ready to treat yourself!

Von Holzhausen - The Large Shopper

Talk about minimalist-chic! Von Holzhausen was founded on vegan, animal-friendly luxury.

The company has a unique proprietary leather alternative called technik-leather.This material is partially made of recycled water bottles which diverts a substantial amount of plastic from landfills. It also has an additive in the material that allows it to break down in landfills in 3-5 years. Meaning this bag is super environmentally friendly and animal-friendly too!

The large shopper has sleek lines while still maintaining a soft casual structure. The knot detailing on the handles adds a little extra something while still being a neutral, easy to wear piece.


Von Holzhausen- The Large Shopper ($495USD)


Stella McCartney - Maxi Falabella Tote

Stella McCartney is the gold standard vegan designer. She’s PETA’s favorite spokesperson for vegan fashion and has led the charge in animal-free luxury accessories and clothing. We all love her and there’s a reason why!

The Falabella bag is an iconic fan favorite with its chain and rich feeling material. The perfect vegan tote bag! The maxi version for Autumn 2021 gives some extra drama with its extra-large size. And isn’t this bright green shade amazing? When in doubt, if you're willing to splurge on a high-end designer bag that’s vegan—go with Stella!

Stella McCartney- Maxi Falabella Tote ($1,750 USD)


Telfar- Medium Cream Shopping Bag

Telfar has quickly become a “cool-girl” favorite. These faux-leather purses sell out FAST! Also know cheekily as a “Bushwick Birkin,” these bags have clean lines and are structured with the iconic Telfar logo embossed on the center. These bags come in neutrals, punchy colors and metallics.

The “Shopping Bag” only comes in one style with three sizes to choose from. Different colors are released and people pounce on the new shade before it’s sold out in minutes! It’s practically a sporting event to get one of these vegan-friendly bags!


Telfar- Medium Cream Shopping Bag ($202 USD)

It’s Not Your Mother’s Pleather

Clearly leather alternatives are not just the cheap pleather of our youth anymore. Leather alternatives are now seen as the ethical answer to luxury fashion as well. The quality is just as good while being more sustainable and kinder to our animal friends. We shouldn’t have to invest in an ugly industry to get something beautiful.

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