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February 07, 2022 5 min read

In a recent ranking we previouslycovered on our blog, London was named as the most vegan-friendly city in the entire world. 

In fact, about 3% of the U.K. populace is now vegan, with much more trending toward a plant-based diet. London is clearly one of the hubs for the plant-based revolution currently sweeping the world into 2022 and beyond. 

Naturally, to meet the newfound demand of more conscious eaters, London features a wide variety of restaurants specialized for vegans. From distinguished sources such asVogue,Secret London, andEater London, we’ve gathered together some of the most popular places for vegan travelers to go. 

With nearly too many to count in the massive city known for its cosmopolitan entertainments, museums, history, and pubs - we managed to narrow the list of best vegan spots in London down to a top 20. We hope you enjoy it! 

222 Vegan Cuisine

A table spread with vegetarian dishes and spices.

According to Vogue, 222 Vegan Cuisine was one of the first vegan restaurants in London to make serious waves. Open since 2004, their menu draws its inspiration from all over the world. From seitan stir fry and stroganoff, to a plant-based burger, to the traditional African dish of egusi, 222 provides a unique vegan dining experience for Londoners. 

All Nations Vegan House

A white plate containing a large meal with seasoned tofu, greens, and vegetables.

All Nations Vegan House is a family-owned Caribbean-based vegan establishment located in Dalston. All their dishes feature homemade ingredients and have been fine-tuned over generations. Across stews, grains, veggies, and soups, All Nations has a wide variety of menu items to satiate any vegan traveler. 

Cafe Van Gogh

 A white plate filled with an artistically designed vegan meal.

Cafe Van Gogh, just a 7 minute walk from Oval tube station, is a gourmet vegan locale with a genuine social mission. As a delicious plant-based restaurant with a not-for-profit structure that contributes to environmental causes within the London community, Cafe Van Gogh embodies vegan values in all respects. 

Comptoir V

A long shot of a table filled with vegan foods including a stack of pancakes, seasoned avocado, and soup.

Comptoir V is an independent vegan restaurant that is - in their words - passionatelyobsessed about making delicious plant-based cuisine. Inspired by the “bold flavours and colours of Morocco,” the restaurant’s menu features mezze family recipes with experimental kicks alongside traditional dishes which have been “veganised” by their kitchen. 

En Root

A table spread with vegan Indian food.

En Root started out as a food truck and now houses multiple outlets celebrating “fresh seasonal vegetables, wholesome pulses and aromatic Gujarati spices to deliver a unique, internationally influenced menu.” This cult-hit vegan spot serves a variety of Indian-inspired dishes to a loyal customer base. They also sell bottles of their famous Raja Bonnet Sauce, a wild blend of fresh Scotch Bonnet, Kesar Mango & fragrant Gujarati Spices. 


A series of four images showing a glass of red fruit puree, granola with berries, a wine tasing, and a man stirring a green frozen cocktail.

Farmacy is a versatile restaurant which emblazons their menu with the words, “eating as nature intended.” Founded by the glamorous Camilla al-Fayed, the restaurant is renowned for its creative and nutritional biodynamic dishes. Some of Farmacy’s main menu classics include the Loaded Mushroom Tacos, ‘Got No Beef’ Burger, and a seasonal curry. 


 An upscale restaurant meal sprinkled with grated truffle and paired with a white wine.

Featuring exquisite French cuisine and located in prestigious Soho, Gauthier is renowned as the first Michelin-starred restaurant serving predominantly vegan dishes in London. With numerous awards and accolades from the world of global fine dining, this restaurant could provide any vegan traveler with an unforgettably luxurious experience. 

Itadaki Zen

A series of red Japanese serving dishes filled with vegan Japanese food.

Itadaki Zen is a Japanese restaurant known for its veganised traditional menu. From kimchi, miso, and edamame starters to ramen, gyoza, and curries for entrees - Zen carries the tastes from the Land of the Rising Sun right into the heart of London. 


Delectable vegan pastries and cakes dominate the menu at Lele’s, though their complete menu includes savoury treats as well. The quaint cafe has been fully vegan since 2017 and its founders were originally inspired by the Italian people’s love of great cuisine. 

Mao Chow

A series of vegan Chinese dishes on a yellow background.

Mao Chow features traditional Chinese food in vegan form. Spicy dumplings and fried rice are their specialities, with a variety of noodle recipes rounding out the menu’s tasty treats. Each of the restaurant’s locations feature an almost cyberpunk vibe, with pink and purple auras lighting up the interior. 


A bowl of noodles with vegetables and chop sticks.

Serving Soho for over 30 years now, Mildred’s has long been a vegan favourite for those in The Big Smoke. The vast array of vegan entrees from their all day menu includes Bokkeumbap, aka kimchi fried rice, kiri hodi (a traditional Sri Lankan dish), and the “Soul Bowl” comprising goji carrot quinoa, kale, sesame mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, avocado, and cashew butter. 


A series of six images displaying different products under their corrosponding labels in white: Kitchenware and Utensils, Herbs and Spices (twice), Baking, Oils and Vinegar, Personal Care.

Pipoca is a plant-based brunch spot with offerings that also include vegan personal care products and a well-spoken mission of global sustainability. As a “Low Waste Store & Vegan Deli,” Pipoca’s mission is to provide the London community with a more sustainable way of living, through lunch and household management alike. 


A circular arrangement of vegan Indian dishes.

An all-vegan Indian spot with curry to die for. SpiceBox lives up to its name by providing authentic Indian curries that combine style and substance perfectly with a homemade vibe. Open for dinner or brunch, some of their standout items include the classic chick’n tikka masala alongside jackfruit vindaloo and veg dhansak with seasonal veggies. 

Stem & Glory

A colorful vegan curry dish.

Stem & Glory is a plant-based restaurant and bar which positions itself at the forefront of the vegan scene within London. Aside from their beautifully delicious dishes, this spot features a charitable trade with every visit: for each meal you eat, the owners of Stem & Glory will donate a meal to someone in need. 

Sutton and Sons

 A plate of vegan "fish" and chips.

The aptly named Sutton and Sons is a family-run, standalone vegan fish n’ chips shop of the highest order. The vegan “tofish” is prepared via deep-fried banana blossom seeped in a seaweed marinade, with a crispiness to match the white fish it's alternating for.

Temple of Seitan

A banner image of vegan "wings" with white text that reads "London's Finest."

Simply put, Temple of Seitan makes vegan fast food. This spot riffs on the concept of fried chicken with seitan, aka “wheat meat.” Their vegan wings are considered legendary and have been featured on the YouTube show Hot Ones. 

The Gate

 An upscale restaurant's vegan dish; breaded tofu and veggies on a white plate.

With more than 30 years as a primarily plant-based restaurant in London, The Gate is well known to native vegans. This restaurant was founded in 1989 by Michael and Adrian Daniel, brothers with an Indo-Iraqi heritage who wanted to recreate the diverse flavours of Arabic, Indian and Jewish culinary experiences they enjoyed as children. 

Unity Diner

A series of three pictures: a pair of vegan "wings," an assortment of fried vegan food, and a veggie burger.

Unity Diner is a non-profit restaurant which puts all its earnings into animal rights activism. Known as London’s biggest 100% vegan diner and cocktail bar, Unity serves an Americanized diner experience, entirely plant-based. 


 A plate of pancakes with blueberries and cream.

WAVE stands for “We Are Vegan Everything” and their menu lives up to it with taste too. They serve sandwiches, pancakes, pizzas, and baked goods, alongside soya-based “freakshakes” - all veganised. 

Wulf & Lamb

Baked eggplant with lime and greens.

A London plant-based restaurant opened 2017, with locations in Chelsea and Marylebone. Wulf & Lamb serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with fresh nut-milks and special pastries available in the morning. The menu is full of vegan meals inspired by classical comfort foods. 

London May Just Be the World’s Vegan Capital

The Big Smoke houses a vast diversity of options when it comes to plant-based cuisine. And rest assured, there is no one theme or any gimmicks to these popular spots. 

London has everything from gourmet fast food to traditional Japanese and Chinese dishes, to world-renowned, Michelin-star restaurant experiences -- all thoroughly veganised. 

We hope these 20 vegan recommendations prove helpful for your next vegan holiday to the heart of the U.K. And keep coming back to theDoshi blog for more stories from the vegan world - and to theDoshi shop, for the latest in vegan fashion! 

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