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September 29, 2021 4 min read

The fashion industry is becoming widely known as an industry that is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Making the decision to shop ethical and sustainable brands will make a difference to the planet and the people on it.


Keep reading to find out the perks of sustainable fashion!

What is Sustainable Fashion?

 A Recycling symbol made from jeans colored blue, green, and pink.

Before we discuss the perks of sustainable fashion, it’s important to know what exactly sustainable fashion is.


Sustainable fashion is a way for brands to create high-quality products without harming the environment. Sustainable clothing and vegan fashion are usually made from Pima cotton, hemp, and organic cotton because these materials have less of an impact on the earth.


Sustainable fashion is about producing shoes, clothes, and accessories in socio-economically and environmentally friendly manners but it’s more about creating sustainable consumption patterns and use. The main responsibility of fashion companies is to change their marketing practices, production, and distribution. The good news is there are many ways for companies to contribute to more sustainable consumption patterns. Companies can provide fashion items secondhand, companies can create fashion that is high-quality and timeless. They can even set up collection and recycling systems that support textile recycling.


Clothing brands have the main goal of producing comfortable and stylish clothing that offers sustainability, without sacrificing the environment.

The Perks of Sustainable Fashion


Here are three reasons why you might want to make the shift to ethical and sustainable fashion

Sustainable Clothing Reduces Carbon Emissions, Water Pollution, and Other Waste

Most popular clothing brands manufacture and source their clothing overseas. This is because it’s cheaper, but this causes a negative impact on the environment. You may have noticed when looking at environmentally friendly fashion brands that their products are created in the U.S or in a small, ethical, and controlled overseas environment.


Products made in America or in these controlled environments have lower carbon emissions and higher quality control. When you buy from brands who source and manufacture their products in intimate locations like this you avoid the overseas shipping and processes which produce high amounts of carbon emissions.


Another thing we would like to mention is overseas clothing manufacturers do not have strict regulations when it comes to the environment like the United States does, this means it’s easy for them to dispose of waste in an unethical way polluting the planet's waterways with microplastics and toxic chemicals.

You’re Supporting Fair Labor Practices


Sustainable fashion brands provide a proper living wage and fair labor practices to their employees. Fast fashion companies often use exploitative loopholes in labor laws, workers all over the world experience wages that keep them in poverty and unsafe workplaces because of these loopholes.


When you choose clothing that is made from a sustainable company, you’re supporting proper living wages and fair labor practices. If you purchase from a fast fashion brand there is a decent chance that you are contributing to unhealthy working conditions and unfair child labor.


There are a lot of great ways you can shop for sustainable fashion but a very simple way is to check and see if the clothing brand you’re interested in uses fair labor practices. This is almost always listed on the brands website; you can browse and see if it’s mentioned anywhere. Usually brands who support fair labor practices are proud and share it on a high traffic spot on their site.

Sustainable Clothes Are Higher-Quality Products

Sustainable fashion products are high quality, superior products. The eco-friendly fabrics that are used are strong, soft, and long-lasting. Sustainable clothing guarantees that you won’t have to continuously buy new clothes.


Buying from popular clothing brands does not guarantee that you’re getting high-quality clothes. The products and shipments may have their quality monitored but it doesn’t guarantee that the products are made well and will last you.

Sustainable Clothing Companies Best Practices:

Here’s a list of the best practices that sustainable clothing companies use:


  • They use less water
  • Offer fair labor practices and fair wages for all of their employees
  • They use recycled materials in their shipping packaging
  • Reusable energy is used to manufacture goods
  • Recycled fabric and eco-friendly fabrics in their clothing


Doshi’s Commitment

When we set out to make a product, we consider the materials being used, how the product is being made, and look for ways to ensure that the products last. Synthetic materials have made huge strides in minimizing the resources used to create them. We do our best to find factories that purchase recycled base materials, minimize the use of chemicals, and solvents when making their materials.


We do not use leather because studies show that the source of a great deal of the world's pollution comes from livestock. It's not the animals' fault. Humans just breed too many of them.  The life cycle of a cow involves great deals of resource consumption and waste production.


We design products to be useful and practical, we choose materials and construction methods that will hold up with frequent use. Eco-friendliness and sustainability are a function of how long a product will last and what materials it’s made from. We will continue to push on every frontier until we make products that are beautiful, last long, and disappear back into the earth when we are done using them. To improve the world, our products need to be accessible to everyone; not just a select few.


From our reading, studies, and back of the envelope calculations, we believe that the carbon footprint needed to produce a bag or backpack from synthetic materials is vastly smaller than what is needed to produce the same bag using an equivalent amount of leather. Further, much of the leather found in mass produced goods is treated with petroleum based compounds at every step, from tanning to it's final finish.

Shopping Sustainable Fashion is a Gratifying Experience

 A light-wooded tree in front of some wrought iron fencing, with a poster that says "Planet Earth First" and bears a picture of a hear-shaped map of Earth.

The fashion industry is a leading contributor of carbon emission every year. Thanks to the word getting out about how bad fast fashion is for the environment, sustainable clothing brands are doing their best to decrease the fashion industry's involvement in climate change by making eco friendly clothing and running their business in a sustainable way.


There are so many amazing benefits you can reap from shopping for sustainable clothing brands from supporting fair labor practices and reducing the planet’s water pollution.

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