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December 29, 2021 3 min read

A new year means new opportunities to further our vegan efforts! We know that this time of the year is filled with discussion of resolutions and that can be a bit overwhelming. How many of us have actually stuck with our New Year's resolutions that we make each year?

Well, we’ve come up with a few resolution ideas centered around veganism that should be easy to accomplish and make us and the planet a better place.

1. Add a New Vegan Accessory to Your Wardrobe

At Doshi we strive to make vegan accessories that you’ll wear every day and break out for special occasions. Our commitment to veganism runs deep and straight to the inception of the brand. We work to find materials that are durable, attractive and put less stress on the environment than traditional animal hide goods.

Start off the new year with a stylish new work bag or a new belt. These are items that get used frequently and deserve to be of high quality and of course, made of vegan materials.

A black briefcase being modeled by a woman in a black skirt and brown jacket.

2. Find Five New Vegan Recipes

Eating a vegan diet is full of benefits and so many delicious options, but we all fall into recipe ruts. When life gets busy, we all go for the familiar because it’s easy. So, this year try to aim for at least five new vegan recipes that you can work into your rotation.

Maybe try out new recipes on weekends and then see about adding them to weeknight meals once they become second nature. There are so many amazing recipes from every type of cuisine and every category of food. A new dessert, possibly?

Bringing some variety into our diets just makes life a little more interesting. Even better, you could team up with some friends and exchange favorite recipes. Maybe a dinner party will be in order at the end of this resolution!

An overhead shot of a purple tart dish topped with various fruits and vegetables, cut into eiht slices. A hand reaches for one half-eaten slice.

3. Update Your Beauty Routine with New Vegan Products

Whether you already have a beauty or skin care routine or the concept of it has begun to spark your interest, there are so many vegan beauty and skincare brands to explore! For those of us who are attached to our makeup bags and medicine cabinets, this makes for a perfect excuse to try new things out

As each of the products you have runs out, try replacing them with a more sustainable option. Look for things that are certified vegan, and even better, find products with reusable and recyclable packaging.

A close up image of a woman's face. She has a fair complexion.

4. Get Acquainted with Vegan Friendly Clothing Brands

It is tempting to just cut leather and fur out of your wardrobe and call it done when it comes to the fashion aspect of a vegan lifestyle. While those changes are great and very important, we can dig a bit deeper into our clothing choices and choose to support companies that produce clothing through ethical and sustainable practices.

This can be quite an undertaking and there are many ways to make strides in sustainability when buying clothes. There are many directories that point to great brands to support. And we also love thrifting and secondhand options too; that way clothes get a new life, and it takes stress off the environment and our wallets.

5. Try Out Five New Vegan Small Businesses Throughout This Year

This is a fun one! Who doesn’t want to try out and new bakery, restaurant or brand? Look for vegan businesses in your communities as well as online to try out and support.

This not only further supports vegan initiatives and businesses but serves as a fun excuse to try out new things and maybe discover some new favorites.

A small storefront including a rack of clothing, accessoris like small wallets and purses, and jewelry.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Happy New Year!

Now that you have some resolutions that are geared towards a vegan lifestyle, we hope you get out there and enjoy tackling a new challenge or two. Resolutions should feel fun and motivating and what could be more motivating than helping ourselves, animals and the environment with our choices? We can’t wait for what this year will bring!

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