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February 20, 2020 2 min read

Updated By Paras Doshi 5-12-21

The world spends billions of dollars trying to get their products seen by their potential customers.  So do we.  It makes sense to advertise in a competitive marketplace but there's a problem.  The search engine doesn't recognize smaller companies with better solutions.  For example, we make some of the best vegan belts and we've sold thousands.  However, when you search for vegan belts on Google, you'll get search results from Amazon and Etsy first.  They may have vegan belts but they also have a lot of noise. They also feature a non-U.S. based company in their top search results.  What this results in is valid companies not being able to show their products and being forced to advertise when in fact they have the best results for a customer's query.  We make some of the best vegan belts available.  It's a shame that we're stuck somewhere in the middle of the search results when we in fact accurately provide a better search result.

What's more, is that while Google makes the vast majority of money by selling advertising dollars spent by brands trying to be seen, Google doesn't prioritize those same brands when they offer a solution that the customer is so obviously looking for.  Instead, a layer of middlemen in the form of bloggers and others creating "top ten lists" optimize websites to appear over vegan brands. For example, if you were to search for vegan handbags, you wouldn't find the top ten vegan handbag brands, you would find a number of pages dedicated to making a living off of collecting a commission when they refer a customer to brand. This wouldn't troubling if a person was searching for "top ten vegan handbags" but now, even the search for vegan bags has just a few brands making the top ten and mostly on the second page.

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