Best Vegan Leather Men's Wallets

Top Vegan Leather Men's Wallets

Doshi vegan leather wallets are not only fashionable and cruelty free, they are quality, functional pieces that will last you for years. We use a microfiber based vegan leather which is significantly more supple and leagues more durable than PU materials used by most brands misappropriating the term vegan leather to low cost leather substitutes. Our collection includes, vegan slim wallets, vegan bifold wallets, vegan trifold wallets, vegan coin pocket wallets, vegan card wallets, and vegan passport wallets. 

Doshi Trifold Wallet

Our Trifold Wallet is made from the most luxurious vegan leather we have found. This wallet works best when it is not over-filled as it is intended to be compact.
Doshi Trifold Wallet - Vegan - Doshi FCSA



Slim Wallet with ID Sleeve

Our Slim Vegan Wallet is compact. The cash slot is just tall enough to cover your cash. The card pockets are precise and you'll be pleasantly surprised with how many there are. Our goal was to waste no space in getting this wallet just right. This wallet works best when it is not over-filled as it is intended to be compact.
Doshi Slim Wallet w/ ID sleeve - Vegan - Doshi FCSA
Trifold Wallet - Eco 
We expanded our offerings to include cork.  We're ever seeking to move towards natural, eco-friendly materials.  This wallet is the same as our Trifold wallet except for the fact that it uses cork vs. our microfiber vegan leather. 
Doshi Trifold Wallet - Eco Vegan - Doshi FCSA
Wallet with Coin Pocket - Pebbled Microfiber Leather
Our original, basic wallet made with supple, pebbled microfiber leather.
Doshi Wallet w/ coin pocket - Pebbled Microfiber Leather - Vegan - Doshi FCSA


For the minimalist. This simple card sleeve is made with supple, durable, microfiber leather.
Doshi - Card Holder Sleeve - Vegan - Doshi FCSA

Other Vegan Companies We Love

At Doshi, we're all about spreading the love for other vegan brands doing good work. Here are some of our favorites.

Watson & Wolfe

Watson & Wolfe Logo

This company set out to make animal leather goods until they saw the horrors of the leather industry and decided to go vegan instead! We think their slim-line wallets and card holders are perfect for those of you who prefer to keep their wallets in a pocket. Their styles are timeless and are crafted with luxury leather good techniques. 



Handmade in Portugal by artisans, these cork-based wallets and accessories lean into the beauty of cork while functioning like traditional leather goods. Corkor wallets are made from cork grown in sustainably managed forests. Given that these wallets are made from cork, they are lightweight and water-resistant.

Shop Corkor vegan wallets



Luxtra really takes advantage of all the amazing vegan leather options on the market today. They use materials made from pineapple and apples to create their playful, but minimalist wallets and cardholders.

Will’s Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Store

Will’s Vegan Store has so many carbon-neutral, vegan wallet options. We love that they are made in Portugal, a place known for their manufacturing of leather goods. Their pieces are cool and classic and are made to be well loved.

Shop Will’s Vegan Store wallets


Von Holzhausen

von Holzhausen

Luxury meets vegan sustainability at this company! Their products are made from Technik-Leather which is made from recycled materials. The minimalist, architectural designs of their wallets are a perfect fit for high-fashion fanatics. 

Oliver Co. London

These simple, compact apple leather wallets are perfect for the no fuss minimalist. Plus, they can be embossed with your initials for a personalized touch.


Ashoka Paris

The Paris- Based luxury vegan company has their goods produced in Italy for the highest quality craftsmanship. Their accordion style wallets will hold every card you could every need, all while looking very glamorous. 


Nae Vegan Shoes

Vegan microfiber is the main material of these beautiful vegan wallets. Nae makes are variety of wallets from slim cardholders to carry-all accordion wallets.

Dyno Mighty

Mighty Wallet

These wallets are super fun with so many different novelty prints. They are made from Tyvek®, a water-resistant, tear-resistant, recyclable material. Check out their funky options! 

Tree Tribe

The use of “Leaf Leather” is what sets Tree Tribe apart. The material is made from sustainably harvested banana and teak leaves that are mended with fabric for a leather-like effect. They still have leaf marketing on them, pretty cool!

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The company sells their unique stainless-steel wallets. Super slim, and super sleek. These wallets have an industrial feel that really sets them apart.



This company loves a little whimsy! Their wallets are made from otherworldly iridescent vegan leather. We love the stand-out pieces.