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Best Women's Vegan Backpacks

Top Women's Backpacks 

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Debut Paper Backpack 1.5

The Debut Paper Backpack 1.5 uses printed Kraft paper on all sides. It is made using a Kraft Paper exterior and Tyvek lining to make our first partially biodegradable backpack.  We are ever looking for vegan alternatives to animal based leather.

Debut Paper Backpack 1.5 - Vegan


Lux Punk backpack

The Lux Punk backpack is larger than our slim backpack with a more malleable structure. It is soft to the touch and possibly our most comfortable backpack.
The main zipper is large and smooth, there's a built in tablet sleeve for your iPad, and the padded straps are accented with strips of our unbeatable vegan leather.
Perfect for day trips when you need to carry a bit more than the essentials but when you're not carrying a laptop.

Lux Punk Backpack - Doshi FCSA 

Pro Sport + Travel Backpack

For the Professional. For the Urban Adventurer. For the Traveler. 

Sophisticated and well-executed, our Pro Sport + vegan travel backpack was made for those who have a place for everything. Vegan luggage has never been this reliable and functional. 

Doshi Pro Sport+ Backpack - Vegan - Doshi FCSA

Pro Sport Travel Backpack

For the Professional. For the Urban Adventurer. For the Traveler.

Clean, sophisticated, and well executed, our Pro Sport rucksack is for the organized individual. Vegan luggage has never been this reliable and functional. 

Doshi Pro Sport Backpack - Vegan - Doshi FCSA


Lux Ribbed Backpack

Our Ribbed Backpack is for the bold and fashion forward.  Made from high quality Microfiber PU vegan leather, the ribs are debossed into the material.

Doshi Lux Ribbed Backpack - Vegan - Doshi FCSA

Debut Slim Backpack

The Debut Slim Backpack is subtle, sleek, chic and made from a durable, microfiber vegan leather shell. The 1.5 update is a slight refresh that includes a stainless steel logo and slightly improved structure.

Debut Slim Backpack 1.5 - Vegan

Debut Slim Backpack - Rockstar 

Our Slim Vegan Rockstar line is dedicated to bringing unique, inspirational, and creative vegan materials to life. The Rockstar Slim Backpack is based on our original Debut Slim backpack's sleek and chic shape but we've taken away what made it "subtle."  The material used for our Rockstar backpack is only available at one factory in the world. We think that's pretty neat!

Debut Slim Backpack 1.5 - Vegan