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At Doshi, we're always striving to create new and innovative takes on classic designer pieces. We love our vegan handbags and accessories, and can't wait to add more to the lineup! What better way to share our excitement about creating designer handbags, designer belts, and top-quality vegan accessories than to show them off a little early?

Here are some sneak peaks for upcoming projects that you might enjoy.

Pinatex Products

A black textured card holder wallet on a wooden table.

We are incredibly excited to announce that Doshi is introducing Pinatex products! Pinatex is an innovative natural material that serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

A black bifold wallet opened to reveal a burgandy liner.

Produced from the waste products of pineapple harvesting, this product is the brainchild of Dr. Carmen Hijosa, a Spanish entrepreneur with the dream of improving the fashion industry by developing a natural, sustainable alternative material. 

A black cardholder wallet.

Here's what the company has to say about this awesome new material:

"From initial sampling to developing a viable supply chain, the Piñatex® journey is inspired by the principles of a Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle values.

The use of pineapple leaf fibre, an agricultural waste product, provides the opportunity to build a scalable commercial industry for developing farming communities, with minimal environmental impact."

You can learn more about Pinatex and the people behind it on their website. Look out for our Classic Bifold and Cardholder wallets, among others!

More Kraft Paper

The interior of a zippered wallet made from a tan paper with a floral pattern. The interior includes serveral card slots, an ID card slot, and a zippered pouch.

We love our Debut Kraft Paper Backpack, with its delicate floral design and highly bioegradable yet durable finish. So, we thought, why not introduce a few more pieces to the Kraft paper family? 

We'd love to introduce you to our new Kraft Paper Continental Wallet! This zippered wallet design includes an ID slot and lots of card holders for the woman on the go, as well as an interior zippered pouch perfect for coins. Though not yet officially ready for sale, we're loving the prototypes we've gotten so far.

Speaking of prototypes, we're trying something a little more unique: a Kraft paper belt! Yes, you heard that right, we're taking the awesome, durable material we've loved on our accessories and applying it to a brand new belt design, similar to some of our existing classics.  We can't wait for you to see it, so here's a sneak peak.

 Two belts, one with a silver buckle and one with a black buckle.

Two black belts side by side.

New Colors and Designs

We're always excited to add new colors, materials, and design choices to our lineup of vegan designer handbags. Variety is the spice of life, so we strive to strike the balance between classic and unique.

Interior of the Doshi Classic Bifold Wallet in Toffee.

We're adding a new color to our new Classic Bifold wallet! Meet Toffee, the perfect light brown to go with your casual and lighter-color looks. From jeans to bright suits, it's a great, subtle change from the classic darks.

A red-brown bifold wallet, closed.

 Next, meet Bourbon! A rich reddish-brown for that classic wine-smooth finish to any look. We're also adding a new texture.

A black bifold wallet, open.

Yep, pebbled Classic Bifold Wallets are coming to the scene! They're coming to you in classic Black as well as Toffee and Caramel.

A money clip from the front and side.

A money clip that's brown with green accents.

Excited for more? We're adding a gorgeous Money Clip to our lineup! This clip is pure simplicity; carrying the essentials has never been easier. This product is going to be available in black and a great brown/green combo.


 Two zippers lined up side by side.

We're also improving the zippers on a number of our most popular vegan handbags this summer. We're choosing the Excella zipper, the top-of-the-line zipper system from YKK. Its wider, hand-polished teeth make zipping that much easier and smoother. No more catches and stops!

Here's what the designers have to say.

These changes are sure to add to our mission to bring something for everyone to the designer handbag space.

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