Disposable Face Masks 50 pack

Disposable Civilian Face Masks. We now have acquired a larger stock so we're not limiting orders.

  • Non Woven 3PLY
  • Nose bridge strip
  • Non-medical version
  • 50 pack


What These Masks Are Good For:

These masks are great to hand out and places where they are prone do get dirty.  They're also good for exercise and places where you don't want to keep your mask after going there. With heavy exercise, the sweat and heavier breathing will make the mask wet and not as comfortable.  When we're running, we put this mask up when approaching people and for a short time afterwards and then move the mask down over our chins when there's nobody around. Don't forget to wave at your neighbors while running!

Side note: Please shop for your bags and accessories with us!  Micro businesses such as ours need your support during these times.  Consider a bag, belt, or wallet for yourself or donate a gift card for a healthcare worker to brighten their day! 

Many thanks to our current customers for continuing to support us!  We truly appreciate your support.

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