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October 12, 2021 3 min read

A belt is a tool with a two-fold purpose. It holds up your pants and it can make a statement if you let it. Your belt ties your whole outfit together, centering itself at your midsection, drawing the eyes to it and you. 

So, aredesigner belts worth it? That depends on you. And on the belt. 

For a fashionable and durable belt of vegan leather, designed to last years and to give your waist a striking appearance, check out Doshi’s selection ofdesigner belts for men and women. 

Classic Looks onDesigner Belts for Men

Whether they are wrapping a pair of weekend jeans or a pair of slacks for use at the office, a good belt on a man can change everything

Doshi’s belts for men are fashionable and are made from cruelty-free vegan leather. They come in the classic hues of black and brown, meant to fit any pants or shorts in your wardrobe. If you want a belt designed to last and styled to make that statement, all for an affordable price tag - then check us out! 

A black and brown leather belt wit ha silver buckle.
A black belt with a dark metallic buckle.

The professional series belts for men come incross-grain,polished chrome, orbrushed nickel. With widely customizable sizes, each is constructed from high-quality microfiber, with no leather or animal products used. 

A black belt with a dark metallic buckle.

Ourmetallic black square belts provide a simpler, cleaner look. Still vegan! The sheen of their buckle can differentiate your outfit, giving it a luxurious feel that should outshine the competition. 

For a less conventional buckle and fastening style, the “auto” belt provides a different kind of click for thedesigner belt style. Still available in matching pant sizes, this adjustable, automatic buckle will fasten in a satisfying new way. The auto belt comes in two different styles, withthe above resembling a sports car’s sleek design and theother in a dark, gunmetal black. 

Whicheverdesigner belt you choose from these, understand that you will be securing your pants in an environmentally conscious and ethical way. 

Colorful Styles on Fashion Belts for Women

The blogFountain of 30 describes how belts can “elevate your outfit” entirely on their own. And you could say that is the goal of our menu of vegandesigner belts for women available on our site! The differentiator for these belts in particular is that they come in up to five vibrant, fashionable colors.

The Doshigold ring belt comes in red, black, brown, and white. This stylish gold-centered belt will give your ensemble of clothing a vivid leyline, no matter which color you go with. Be sure to follow the sizing guide on our site to match it to your waist. As noted, we recommend ordering this belt about one to two sizes above your jeans size.

The Doshisquare reversible belt provides the most versatile and hardest working belt in our repertoire. Each of these belts features a pair of colors, able to be fully reversed to either and remain in operation. Note that some colors come with a silver-colored buckle and others with gold-colored. 

For women, belts can change the vibe of your whole outfit. We hope our vegandesigner belts, available in an array of animating colors, will provide your next outing with a boost. 

Designer Belts Are Well Worth It

Our belts are for smart buyers with a consciousness for fashion. If you care equally about durability and style with every accessory in your wardrobe, then our vegan belts could be for you. Priced efficiently, we offer a variety of feels, colors, and buckles to match your preference. 

So we say to you the answer is yes!Designer belts are well worth investing in. 

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