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October 22, 2021 2 min read

What you wear says a lot. Are you wearing a super cool vegan belt? Well, then we know you’re someone we can hang with. But just for fun, what does your belt buckle say about you?

Gold and Square

Maybe you shy away from commitment. But who cares? You’ve had a lot of fun mixing it up and you aren’t going to stop now. Pssst… our reversible vegan leather belt comes in five different color combos. That’s ten different looks to choose from. Sounds tempting, right?

Gold and Circular

You like to be in control and make a statement. You fancy yourself a classic and we tend to agree. Don’t stop being you, but it wasn’t like you’d consider changing anyway. Our Gold Ring belt is the perfect cruelty-free belt for those that have a statement to make and little time to do it. You’ll take them in every color because you like to be prepared.



A Track Buckle

You’re no nonsense. You don’t like to stand out because you’re confident already and don’t need the attention and praise. Sleek and subtle, that’s your vibe and it works for you. Our Auto 1 belt has a slim, minimalist buckle and a hole-free design. It gets the job done and executes it perfectly. Sounds like someone we know…


Brushed Nickel

You’re different, but in an understated way. Once people get to know you; they realize you contain multitudes. You think outside the box and that will take you far. Our Professional 2 Brushed Nickel belt has unique buckle that will make you look twice. The color of the buckle stands out from your average belt, and we think you’d appreciate that special touch.


Gunmetal Buckle

You’re a little edgy. You might be a professional, but your rebel spirit is still around. Who said having a dark side was a bad thing? You don’t think so. Our Polished Gunmetal belt is killer men’s vegan belt choice. You’ll be even cooler (hard to imagine) wearing it to the office.

Square Silver Buckle

You’re a chill guy. People find you approachable and you really are a good time. Down to hang and up for anything! Grab our Metallic Silver Square 2 Belt and you’re ready for the next meeting, office party or any other place you’re invited to. We know that list is long!


Something Special

A good cruelty-free belt can set you and your look apart. Finding quality vegan products can be a bit of a hunt. You know living a vegan lifestyle is something special and at Doshi, we know it too. Our vegan belts stand out for their timeless design and durability. Check out our vegan leather belts and find your new favorite.

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