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October 22, 2021 3 min read

Vegan accessories can range from vegan leather belts to shoes. We love that almost any accessory that has been made with animal hide has a vegan alternative. So, what do you do if you want to wear vegan accessories but have concerns about giving up the quality of leather?

Here are some answers to the most asked questions about vegan belts. At Doshi, we love vegan belts and we want you to love them too! We think this information will really seal the deal on choosing to shop vegan.

Do vegan belts crack?

Some vegan belts have been known to crack and peel. Belts sit at a highly mobile part of the body and can be subject to bending and stretching throughout the day.

Or have you had a non-leather belt that starts to peel around the belt holes? Most likely this belt is made from polyurethane leather of PU leather. This is considered a lower quality type of cruelty-free leather. The reason these belts crack is largely due to the materials and construction of PU leather.

The base layer of PU is usually a polyester or nylon woven material that is coated in polyurethane which is a thermoplastic polymer. Because woven materials stretch, the tops coat stretches well which caused the “leather-like finish” to crack and peel. This is why some vegan leather belts crack.

But your vegan belt doesn’t need to crack and peel because there are better options for materials. At Doshi, we use high-quality microfiber vegan leather. The microfiber base of our material makes all the difference, unlike normal PU leather, microfiber is a non-woven.

This material behaves more like a hide which makes it more durable, breathable and has a rich hand feel. This base has more stability than normal PU leather, so this prevents the top coat from cracking and peeling.

We have a variety of vegan belts for women as well as vegan belts for men. These cruelty-free belts are in for the long haul and are made to last. Let’s just say we think these are the best vegan belts around.

A black belt with a gold ring buckle.

A brown belt with a dark square buckle.


What is a vegan belt?

Vegan belts are made from non-animal products. The majority of non-vegan belts are made from animal skin, typically cow-hide, pig skin, goat skin, and the skin of exotic animals.

Vegan belts are typically made from materials like polyurethane leather or PU leather, hemp, cork, nylon, Piñatex (made with pineapple leaves), microfiber leather and other evolving vegan materials. So, there are many options when choosing a cruelty-free belt.

 A black belt with a silver square buckle.


How do I know if my belt is vegan?

Non-leather belts can come from intentionally cruelty- free companies and some belts that you come across just happen to be vegan and aren’t intentionally made to be cruelty free.

Given that leather tends to be more expensive non-leather items, many companies choose leather alternatives to cut production costs. This doesn’t mean that these non-leather belts are made from a high-quality leather alternative, but they are vegan by definition. Look for labels that say “All man-made materials” and “All synthetic materials”.

Another great way to know your belt is vegan is by looking for companies that operate under vegan principles. Some companies sell PETA-approved products that are guaranteed vegan. Wearing vegan belts might take a little extra label reading but finding an awesome cruelty-free belt is definitely achievable.

A black belt with a gunmetal square buckle.


Are vegan belts more expensive than leather belts?

There are vegan leather belts available at all price points. Actually, many inexpensive leather-looking belts are made of PU leather which is vegan and is made from polyurethane. At Doshi, we choose to be vegan not to cut production costs, but to bring quality, cruelty-free options to consumers. Our belts are made from high-quality microfiber vegan leather. We choose this cruelty-free material due to the luxurious hand feel, durability and rich appearance.

How do you style a vegan belt?

Vegan belts can be a key player in anyone’s closet. Belts can be worn in a variety of ways and can be worked into all styles. Check out our style guide here!

Happy to Help

We are passionate about vegan accessories here at Doshi. We know people need support and answers in their vegan journey. By answering some common questions about vegan belts, we can spread the word about our products and the numerous other vegan products and companies that are dedicated to cruelty-free living.

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