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August 03, 2022 2 min read

Doshi’s vegan wallets are constructed from microfibers that look and feel like true leather. Sustainable processing and plant-based materials mean you can enjoy the experience of owning a pebbled leather wallet without the environmental destruction or animal cruelty! Seriously, Doshi wants to change the game on vegan leather and ethical consumption - withstyle

Check out our primer on microfiber vegan leather, how it’s made, and what kind of wallets we offer in our store. 

Polyurethane (PU) Microfiber Leather as a Superior Alternative

The highest grade artificial leather is polyurethane (PU), or microfiber leather. This synthetic material is plant-based and biodegradable while keeping with the look and feel of real leather made from animal hide. 

PU microfiber leather simulates the structure of leather by utilizing an ultra-fine manufacturing process involving resins. These resins are composed into a long-lasting build while maintaining the character of natural leather, except with even better physical durability. 

The best part may be that microfiber-based vegan leather can be cared for in the same way as (or even easier than) standard leather, and even has a longer lifespan. Easy to clean and care for, you can begin to see why PU microfiber is such an attractive alternative when compared to traditional, less eco-friendly materials.

Ultimately, this faux leather was created in order to provide a viable leather alternative in the fashion market. Given its manufacturing process includes the lives of animals and an extra strain on the environment with chemicals and fossil fuel waste, we believe natural leather is in need of replacement. 


Doshi’s Microfiber Vegan Wallets - Pebbles and Pockets

Doshi is doing its part by providing vegan wallets made from polyurethane-based microfiber leather of the finest quality and at efficient costs. Our vegan wallets are made from top-notch microfiber leather and even mirror one of the major attributes of true leather: gaining in softness with usage over time. 

Our PETA-approvedDoshi Wallet w/ Coin Pocket - Pebbled Microfiber Vegan Leather is one of our most popular options. It includes RFID protection and maintains its fresh new look even as the months and years pass by. 

Newer in the Doshi store is ourClassic Bifold Pebbled Vegan Wallet, which now comes in Black, Caramel, and Toffee exteriors. Created with exquisitely supple microfiber vegan leather, our classic bifold has folded and stitched together corners for maximum durability. 

The interior’s polyester lining was created from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) to provide an additional level of veganism to your money-carrying device. With 6 credit card slots and dual cash sleeves, this ruggedly pretty vegan wallet can carry everything you need and more. 


Our Classic Bifold Vegan Wallet is getting new designs soon, including lighter colors! Microfiber vegan leather wallets give our customers a chance to live out their values. Plant-based, durably built to last, and sustainably processed from beginning to end - these PU-based vegan wallets are the future of money-carrying fashion. 

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