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June 28, 2022 3 min read

New organic fashion innovations are on their way to Doshi, and one of them comprises fresh, plant-based leathers. With materials crafted from the excess fibers of a pineapple plant,Piñatex is one such brand helping to create a sustainable future.

Doshi currently offers a vegan wallet of two styles utilizing Pinatex materials: 

  1. The classic bifold
  2. The money clip card holder
A black bifold wallet with a leather-like finish

Read on to learn more about the future of vegan leather, from Pinatex and other fruit-based leathers like it. 

What Do Pineapples, Mangos, Apples, and Grapes Have in Common? 

Did you knowfruit may be the future of the fashion world? New styles of organic leather can be manufactured using the excess biodegradable waste of everything from pineapples to mangoes, apples, and grapes. 

Doshi partners with Piñatex to make our wallets borne of pineapples, but they are not alone.Fruitleather Rotterdam makes mango leather,nuuwaï specializes in apple leather in Germany, andVegea focuses on manufacturing grape leather from the extra materials out of the venerable wine production industry in Milan, Italy. 

Did you know thatPiñatex is aCertified B Corporation®? Of the about5,184 companies that qualify, a B Corp statusproves that an organization is abiding by the environment and all stakeholders that are affected by their products or services. In sum, it means that Piñatex is operating sustainably, without much of a carbon footprint, waste, or any kind of human, animal, or environmental cost. 

According toFruitleather Rotterdam’s website,almost half (45%) of all fruit produced for consumption ends up getting thrown away. What a waste! By using discarded fruit waste as materials for clothing, bags, or wallets companies like these can help curb this wastefulness through innovation. 

The German companynuuwaï not only uses recycled apple and corn within their bags, they are also ethically made - much like Doshi’s products - by partner factories in Germany and Spain. 

Vegea’s mission of sustainability and social responsibility goes beyond the fashion industry, and into the realms of furniture, packaging, cars, and other forms of transportation. Like all ideal vegan products, their grape-based bio-materials arecreated free from toxic solvents, heavy metals and other dangerous substances for humans and the environment.

The success of these brands and the quality of their products prove that fruits aren’t just tasty - they can carry your essentials too! Vegans and fruit-lovers alike can rejoice at these plant-based alternatives for your wallets, bags, and much more.

Why Fruit Leather? 

Fruit leather offers an alternative to thewasteful and polluting process involved with true leather, which also causes animal suffering as well. Constructing leather products like wallets and bags from fruit is organic and avoids unnecessary waste and pain to the planet.  

The fashion industry as a whole is the world’s second-largest polluter, accounting for about10% of global pollution, according to Leather is a significant contributor, with a production process that creates pollutants while also requiring animal life to sustain it.

Fruit leather offers a more sustainable future for the manufacture of Doshi wallets and more. For one, fruits and plant-based biomaterials are renewable resources, meaning they can be replanted and grown continuously. Fruit leather also requires less time and no dangerous chemicals to be safely produced, unlike true leather. These facts and the wide disparity in carbon footprints mean that innovations like fruit leathermust be part of our sustainable future on this planet. 

Companies like Piñatex and more brands are offering visionary new ways of expressing yourself as a vegan - and helping to save the planet too! 

Doshi Embraces Fruit Leather

If you want a leather wallet’s feel and function but without the waste and cruelty, look no further than fruit leather. The more interest Doshi’s customers show in the power of fruit leather, the more we are able to carry Piñatex and similar products in the future. 

Check out theDoshi shop andblog for more options and news stories on the future of veganism and vegan fashion. 

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