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October 12, 2021 2 min read

Traveling can be filled with excitement and adventure, or sometimes it’s just a work trip (not that work trips can’t include some fun). But regardless of the reason or destination of your trip, having an amazing bag to accompany you on the journey makes all the difference.

We love to travel at Doshi, so naturally we created some great vegan travel bags that you can bring on all of your adventures. We also wanted to point out a couple of vegan options from other companies too.

Our Favorite Type of Travel Bag

We think tote bags are the unsung heroes of travel accessories. Even better, a vegan tote bag. Tote bags travel well and can adapt to many needs. The versatility of a tote lends well to travel.

A good vegan tote bag (obviously, it needs to be vegan in our opinion) can be emptied out and its contents stored in your hotel room or wherever you choose to reside, and then worn as a purse or briefcase during the day.

It allows for light travel and can easily be used as a carry-on. A tote really simplifies and allows for unencumbered travel. Get yourself a life-changing vegan leather tote if you want to be a travel pro!

Doshi Weekender Tote

Our Weekender vegan leather tote bag has a large center compartment that can truly carry whatever you need on your travels. The design is sleek enough to be worn as an everyday bag and can be filled up if need be. The high-quality micro-fiber vegan leather allows for this travel tote bag to remain polished and appropriate for many different environments.

Even better, it can also be worn as a work bag during the day with a padded laptop sleeve. You won’t feel embarrassed bringing this bag into a nice restaurant before catching a flight back home.

Calpak Hue Duffel Bag

This duffel bag is a stylish, modern take on a classic utilitarian style. This vegan leather bag is super soft and comes in some very trendy colors. It’s a great choice for a carry-on, an overnight bag or even a gym bag. We love that this bag has a laptop sleeve. That is pretty rare in a duffle bag! It’s sporty and fashion forward, a perfect combination!

A small blue leather duffle bag.

Caraa Sport Nimbus Large Bag

Caraa sport has a vegan line that uses amazing cloud-like waterproof nylon to create travel-friendly bags. The Nimbus Large is a dumpling-shaped weekender bag that has many well thought out compartments. It comes with a laptop sleeve, phone pocket and a shoe and wet pouch. This bag would be perfect for an outdoor adventure or when you’re traipsing through town on a rainy day.

A small black bag made of nylon.

Happy Travels

We hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite vegan travel bags. We especially hope you love our vegan leather tote bag as much as we do. Check out our other accessories at Doshi.

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