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October 11, 2021 3 min read

In the modern professional environment, every knowledge worker has a choice for how they carry themselves, and their laptop. Do you go with the classic mainstay of thelegal briefcase? Or do you update your look with a backpack strapped over your shoulders, providing more room and your hands free? 

In our view, either tool does the job well. It’s just a matter of preference. Fortunately for you, Doshi provides vegan briefcases and vegan backpacks within our selection, designed for both men and women. 

Read on for a discussion of which look is more professional, or just more attuned to your own personal choice of style. 

The Legal Briefcase for the Classic Professional Look

The briefcase has been a staple in offices around the world for decades. Meant to house documents in the 20th century and computers in the 21st, a briefcase lets you carry your most vital materials to work right by your side and all in one place. 

For the briefcase,classic is true to its name as a descriptor, asPad & Quill lays out the full history of the device, dating all the way back to the Roman Legionaries using the similarly-designed “loculus” during warfare in the 1st through 3rd centuries! 

For a timeless professional look, Doshi wants you to swing your choice oflegal briefcase in style. 

A black handbag with silver fastenings.

Doshi Satchel Brief

For women, we offer theSatchel Brief, the largest of our briefcases and meant for work or play. Designed to house your portfolio or organize your personal materials for a day on the town, this bag is fully vegan and can be carried or worn over your shoulder. 

TheBusiness Brief is a well-crafted bag meant to hold all the little things, alongside your  Macbook Air or another mid-sized laptop. Hidden exterior pockets and copious interior sections mean it can contain everything you need for your day-to-day. 

For men or women, theClassic Large Brief andCity Brief (new in 2020!) provide distinct looks of durable vegan leather, designed for commuting professionals. Full of sleeves, zippers, and compartments, these bags can hold all your business essentials with room to spare. 

The Traveler’s Backpack for the Modern Mover Look 

The feel of a backpack takes us back to our school days. But many modern professionals are wearing them, too. From eager interns to anyone looking for a more spacious bag to carry to work that doesn’t put so much strain on the arm, a backpack could be fit for you. 

The Wall Street Journal has previously laid outthe rise of backpacks in professional workplaces, with a wide age range - of typically men - angling for the functionality of a backpack over the formality of a briefcase. 

While a briefcase may signal a more generically professional vibe, for the modern mover looking to break the mold at work, our vegan backpacks offer you more zippers and more color. 

For professionals (or students) of all kinds, Doshi provides a pair of black backpacks: theDoshi Pro Sport Travel Backpack andDoshi Lux Ribbed Backpack. Large enough to hold a computer and a lot more, each backpack manages to be fashionable as well, able to pair with all kinds of fits. 

Specially designed with women in mind (but able to be worn by men as well!), Doshi features a trio of additional, newer backpacks for three distinct looks. 

OurDebut Slim Backpack comes in pink, turquoise, red, and black, with stylized etchings across some of the palettes. It offers a traveler or professional a cute way of arriving on the scene, with two main pockets and a stainless steel logo. 

On the flip side of the equation, you can go with ourLux Punk Backpack, a stark black and metal-buttoned backpack iteration resembling goth boots. Make a statement at the office or the park with this punk-y pack featuring two major sections to store your essentials alongside a tablet. 

Finally,Doshi’s Debut Paper Backpack gives you a simplistic yet high-quality construction. Printed with Kraft paper on all sides, with no leather or animal products used, it is our first biodegradable backpack. With it over your shoulders, you will be able to say that your fully functional backpack is, in fact, made of paper! 

Briefcase or Backpack? 

So do you go with thelegal briefcase or the backpack? We’ve got them both in durable and stylish vegan leather (and in Kraft paper). We hope, whatever you go with, they will give you the exact experience you desire. 

For the modern professional, the choice is yours. What kind of statement do you want to make? Your answer will lead you to your best bet. 

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