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September 13, 2021 3 min read

Briefcases tend to be larger and a bit more storage-minded than purses. Generally speaking, purses tend to be more concerned with the shape, line and material. Often briefcases appear too utilitarian and bulky than what we normally want from our fashion forward handbag. But there are some outliers that bring these two worlds together.

We want to highlight briefcases that go beyond utilitarian design and bring something more refined and stylish to the table. Those briefcases can definitely be worn as purses and bring some extra style points (and storage room) to your look. 

At Doshi, we have several briefcases that could definitely moonlight as purses.

Doshi Business Brief 2

We created this bag in a variety of colors to offer unique options to our customers. We recognize that everyone has their own sense of style and not everyone wants the standard black, brown and navy options, even in the workplace. Due to the variety of color options and the sleek design, this briefcase could easily be worn as a purse.

Whether you need it a briefcase, of just a carryall handbag, this vegan leather bag will be durable enough to hold whatever you through at it (or put in it) while still not being cumbersome. The light beige, warm gray and dark tape are great neutral options while the lavender and pink give a playful pop of color to any outfit.

Doshi City Brief

The City Brief looks like many of the top handle bags that are currently trending. It could be an oversized version of many of these popular handbags. This bag is truly a briefcase purse. The structure works beautifully as a briefcase, allowing room for a computer, files and more and also adds extra structure and geometry as a purse.

As a purse it’s great if you’re an over-packer who loves to have their makeup bag and extra pair of shoes and maybe a sweater, it will all fit! We all know that one friend who seems to have a never-ending array of item in their bag for any occurrence; maybe you’re “that friend,” and if so, wearing a briefcase purse could be perfect for you.

Doshi Weekender Tote

This tote was made to work wherever you may need to take it. We named it the Weekender Tote because it works wonderfully as a bag to bring on a long weekend. This bag also works great as a diaper bag due to its size.

This bag may be a bit large for the office or just running around town. But we thought we’d mention it due to its versatility and we know that people have different day to day needs. This bag is large but remains sleek with sharp lines. The handle straps are adjustable, and it comes with a shoulder strap for more options on how to wear this bag.

Doing It All

Everyone loves to have options. And most of us love it when our items are multipurpose. That’s why we love to point out all the ways people can use our products. Many people appreciate the minimalism of having a few hard-working pieces and that’s just what buying a briefcase purse can do for you. It allows for your bag of choice to be worn in so many ways and address multiple needs.

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