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September 15, 2021 3 min read

Oh, to be a famous socialite who jets off to a new country for a two-week luxurious stay–no priorities, no worries, andin first class.

For the average person, this lifestyle is a dream. While most of us would love to pack up three trunks of luggage and run away to France for 10 days, things like work, family, and other priorities require us to travel more practically!

The good news? There’s always a weekend getaway!

For busy professionals, weekend trips are a way to rest and recharge for the week ahead. Not to mention, they provide a much-needed break from their hardworking lifestyles. That’s why lugging around your standard vacation luggage for a quick getaway may not be the most stress-free option.

Enter: The Weekender Tote.

The weekender tote (or overnight tote) is a fantastic and efficient way to travel in style–especially on those quick trips. Not only are these bags convenient and stylish, but they can also speak volumes about you and your personal style.

Need more convincing?

  1. Weekender bags showcase your maturity
  2. Weekender bags are the perfect size
  3. Weekender bags take the stress out of travel

Here are three reasons why you need a great weekender tote.

Weekender bags showcase your maturity

Let’s face it: there comes a time where two strapped backpacks become a bit juvenile on a quick trip. While these backpacks are an old reliable for many travelers, weekender tote bags are a much more mature and refined option for overnight travel.

Coming in a variety of colors, styles, materials, and even patterns, an overnight bag can be mature and polished, but in line with your own unique style. Our choice for a classic, go-with-anything overnight tote is our very own, “The Weekender Tote.” Classy, refined, and able to fit all of your weekend needs.

A blonde woman in a black dress and blue jacket holds a navy blue tote bag over one shoulder.


Weekender bags are the perfect size

Smaller than your typical vacation luggage and considerably larger than your trusted backpack, weekender totes are the absolute perfect size for your quick trips. While these bags are a fashionable choice, that doesn’t mean they sacrifice function.

fact, many stylish weekender bags (see ours here) come with features like laptop spaces, internal zippers, useful pockets, and other key compartments that provide you with the space you need for your items.

So, stop worrying about if your favorite shoes can fit in your backpack: with the perfect overnight tote, you’ll be able to pack whatever your heart desires on your weekend.

Weekender bags take the stress out of travel

While a weekend trip sounds like the perfect opportunity to rest and relax, the journey to the destination can become a bit hectic. Whether you’re dealing with traffic, airport delays, or any other travel disturbances that come your way, your weekender tote is sure to take some stress off of your shoulders–literally.

Our weekender bag not only features a long strap to wear on your shoulders, but it also features chic, sturdy handles so you can hold it by hand. And, if you choose to bring rolling luggage along for the ride, The Weekender Tote has straps that fit over the handle of your carry-on for easy transport. 

Weekender bags are a perfect vacation companion

With their functionality and versatility, overnight totes make packing easy. Not to mention, since they’re smaller than your luggage, weekender bags make airline travel much less of a hassle and way more enjoyable. So, pack up your bag and get ready for the quick vacation you deserve–and do so in style!

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