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November 03, 2021 2 min read

In 2021, Hermes is still killing crocodiles for handbags.

Shocking new footage by the Farm Transparency Project reveals the appalling conditions endured by Australian saltwater crocodiles held captive on farms owned by French fashion house Hermès.

It takes three to four crocodiles to make just one Hermès bag.

Crocodiles are kept in small, empty, and dirty pens and cages. Credit: Farm Transparency Project

Farmed crocodiles have a horrible life

The Farm Transparency Project recorded shocking new footage, which reveals the horrible conditions that saltwater crocodiles have to endure.

These crocodiles are held captive on farms owned by French fashion house Hermès. The animals are confined to cramped cages or small concrete pits filled with filthy water before they are electrocuted, dragged, and mutilated – some while still conscious.

Warning! This video contains footage that some viewers may find disturbing. 

Hermès Crocodile Farming Exposed from Kindness Project on Vimeo.

Naturally, saltwater crocodiles can live for more than 70 years, but on farms like these, they are killed at two to three years old.

Expansion of cruelty?

Hermès is planning to expand its produce of saltwater crocodiles by building Australia’s biggest farm and imprisoning up to 50,000 animals at a time there.

Switch to ethical alternatives

Crocodiles are fashion victims. And, it is totally unnecessary. With so many beautiful and sustainable alternatives available, there is no need to treat animals in this way.

Black “Alligator” Lady Bag

At Doshi we have created a vegan “Alligator” leather. This debossed vegan leather is as special as it is rare; in all of our searches with material factories, we did not find an alligator print debossed material that had the right combination of pattern, sheen, feel, and scratch resistance. This material is as tough as it is beautiful.

We mimicked the beauty of an alligator without ever coming close to harming one. There's simply no need to harm an animal to copy its beauty. Our vegan Black Alligator Lady Bag is made from top-quality, luxury microfiber vegan leather exterior and microfiber vegan suede lining. It is PETA-approved and 100% cruelty-free. 



We really hope that Hermès can take us and many other brands that use ethical alternatives as an example and #DROPCROC. It’s time to end wildlife trade. Animals are not ours to wear.

Join the kinder fashion movement and tell Hermès to stop killing precious wildlife for their bags. It is time to #DROPCROC

What can you do?

First, and maybe most obviously, never buy crocodile (or any other animal) leather. No one has to endure horrible living conditions and a violent death for fashion. 

Never wear someone else’s skin, and urge Hermès to stop selling items made from crocodile and alligator:

 Instead, support brands that make cruelty-free alternatives that use innovative, ethical, and sustainable materials. 

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the topic, and explore additional ways to help, check out these sources:

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