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November 01, 2021 3 min read

We can’t believe it, but the holiday season is upon us! That means some of us make great treks (or short ones) to be with friends and family and celebrate the season. Seeing our loved ones is great, but sometimes traveling to them can be another story.

At Doshi, we know that travel can be stressful, so we made some amazing vegan accessories that can help keep your life organized and stylish. Here are the things we’ll be bringing on our holiday travels.

The Weekender Tote

This is a winner for vegan accessories. If you’re heading somewhere for a long weekend, this roomy vegan leather tote should have you covered.

There’s more than enough room for toiletries and a couple outfits. There is a reason we named this bag “The Weekender” – we designed it for short trips in mind.

This tote also makes for the perfect carry-on as well. You’ll have plenty of room for your in-flight essentials.

A black tote bag with short top handles.

Pro Sport Travel Backpack

This nylon and microfiber vegan-leather backpack is another great vegan travel bag. This bag comes with plenty of exterior and interior pockets. There is a padded laptop sleeve and a spacious main compartment to boot!

This bag is perfect for keeping everything organized and in one place. Non-leather accessories aren’t just for looks; this bag is made to be sturdy and weather all that you throw at it. This bag is impervious to holiday chaos (if only we were that resilient).


Gold Ring Vegan Belt

Need to add a little something special to your holiday outfit? This wide non-leather belt comes with a statement making, yet classic, gold belt buckle.

Pair this belt with a dress, wear with your favorite pants, or have it break up a skirt and top. This belt will be an essential accessory in anyone’s closet.

 A black belt with a gold ring buckle.

Crossbody Phone Purse

You decide to travel with our amazing vegan leather tote, but don’t want to wear it prancing around your hometown on holiday visits? Our slim crossbody phone purse is perfect for traveling light. Enough room for your phone and a mask, it’s great to run around with while being unencumbered by a large bag.

Vegan accessories aren’t just hemp and cloth. This bag is made of luxurious vegan microfiber and comes in black, a bright red, and a black, white and metallic print. All of these options are perfect for the holidays!

 A rectangular bag with a black and white pattern.

Auto 1 Belt

This vegan belt makes outfit planning simple. This belt is minimal and sleek and will go with any outfit. This belt comes in an all-black buckle and belt option that really allows it to blend in and be paired with any outfit and be dressed up or down.

This is a great option if you just want to travel light and just bring one belt. We know keeping it simple can be important during the holidays, and this belt will definitely be a lifesaver this season.

A black belt with a black rectangular buckle.

Passport Wallet

Hopping a couple flights? This vegan wallet can keep all of your important travel documents in one place. This wallet has card slots as well, so you can have everything you need in one place.

No need to frantically search for your cards and passport while rushing to catch a flight. We want to save you some of that stress!

A blue passport wallet with a star pattern and the Doshi logo in silver in the bottom right corner.

Wherever You Go

We hope that you find some fun and celebration wherever you go over the holidays. Bring some vegan style with you on your travels with our lovingly-designed vegan accessories. Happy holidays!

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