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October 26, 2021 3 min read

Veganism has a bold new search engine! 

The platform  Cruelty Free Models provides a unique service for engaged online searchers: find models, makeup artists, hair designers, fashion stylists, and other professionals that provide their services cruelty-free and eco-friendly. To help you extend the vegan lifestyle into customer and client relationships, their directory can help connect you with like-minded professionals. 

Read on to learn a little more about the features and relationships that this platform has cultivated within the vegan community. 

The Cruelty Free Models Directory

Cruelty Free Models (CFM) believe that our daily choices as people and as consumers are “a reflection of our deepest values.” Most vegans can attest to this philosophy. Each choice we make as modern consumers of fashion and food impacts animals who have no voice and no choice in the matter. 

Through their platform’s directory, CFM believes in highlighting conscious professionals who value animal activism and sustainability. On their website, they provide a comprehensive directory for customers to search and professionals to join. They have a trio of  monthly price plans and plenty of  benefits afforded to free and paying users alike. 

The free plan provides a professional with a 365-day listing including an image gallery, location, website link, user dashboard, and instant messaging. The Premium and VIP listings provide additional features such as social links, video functionality, and a business tagline. 

CFM’s directory is growing all the time, full of committed pros in a variety of fields that form a kind of community. 

A woman in a dark red beaded top with a headdress poses in front of a wall with a green floral pattern.

Cara, a fashion stylist based out of London, has worked for over 15 years expressing herself creatively through crafty hair styling and vegan makeup products. 

A woman with short hair and fine makeup holds a lamp with a white frilled shade.

Krista Kennedy is a model who shops second-hand, cruelty-free fashion and volunteers at a local animal shelter. 

A woman in a brown tunic top poses on a beach.

Jess Vidana is a fashion and lifestyle photographer out of Los Angeles. She aims to create compassionate images that make her subjects and audiencesfeel something. 

When it comes to veganism, CFM also puts their money where their mouth is - they  donate 100% of the proceeds from their vegan stock photos to animal activism charities. Some of these charities include  AARF (Animal Adoption & Rescue Foundation),  BARK (Bandit’s Adoption & Rescue of K-9’s), and  Best Friends. You can see a full list of CFM’s charity partners  here.

Model Action Network (M.A.N.): Petitions Supporting Causes

On Cruelty Free Models’ home page is a dedicated section for real-time petitions that revolve around vegan activism and animal rights. Titled as M.A.N., CFM calls it their ‘model action network.’ Here, they highlight animal, environmental, and climate petitions currently ongoing through the  Care2 Take Action Platform

For example, CFM currently showcases petitions to help bring a crane back in the U.K., one to bring awareness to a fashion brand factory farming crocodiles, and another naming iconic department stores that still sell the real furs of animals. 

Through CFM’s Model Action Network page you can get involved in pressuring these brands and their governments to make the necessary changes to better serve animal rights. 

CFM Blogzine Showcases Kind Models and Eco-Friendly Listicles

For a personalized look at the vegan lifestyle in models and brands out there, CFM features their very own  Blogzine on their home page. 

Through this page, CFM writes up featurettes on vegan models with short interviews on their careers expressing their philosophies on sustainability and animal rights. 

Additionally, CFM uses its blog to highlight the top eco-friendly brands and cruelty-free beauty products. Check out their articles to find ideas and set up your next sustainable purchase. 

Cruelty Free Models Lets You Easily Support a Good Cause

Overall, Cruelty Free Models is a platform that lets users support charities dedicated to animal rights and sustainability. Find professionals that believe in cruelty-free processes. Build your community around veganism and eco-friendly products by joining in. 

CFM has already started to change the way that the activist searches the internet. 

Doshi is just as committed to activism and vegan causes and we are happy to showcase Cruelty Free Models here. Throughintention - along with design, materials, and manufacturing processes - Doshi stakes out their own part in the ongoing fight for sustainability in the fashion industry. 

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