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March 15, 2022 2 min read

Sometime the unspoken (or spoken) rules of office wear can really take the joy out of dressing for the day. Sometimes the pressure of dressing professionally seems to drain us of feeling like we can be unique.

Well, that isn’t true. Whether it’s a bright vegan leather briefcase or a playful pattern-filled outfit, there are still ways to stand out in the office.

Level up Work Basics with a Statement Blazer

A bright blazer is a perfect way to give your work outfit a little oomf. A boyfriend blazer is a great cut to try out for an instant on-trend piece you can pair with your basics. This looks can be worn with pants, belted over a dress or used to add a slight masculine touch to a skirt ensemble.

This is a piece that you can wear out of the office to just by paring it with different items. Invest in a color that looks great on you and it is guaranteed to be a hit!




Pair Casual with Professional Pieces

Depending on the requirements of your company, you can be more or less obvious about pairing sweats with a sweater and formal jacket or a minimalist sweatshirt with professional pants. This a way to look effortlessly cool while remaining professional.

This would be a great look to pair with a vegan leather backpack!




Carry an Eye-Catching Briefcase

We usually carry the same briefcase every day. So, this is an easy way to consistently make a statement with even a neutral wardrobe just by choosing a bright or colorful briefcase.

At Doshi, our Business Brief 2 comes in colorful, but tasteful hues in luxury vegan leather. This vegan briefcase will be a statement making bag that manages to be practical as well.

Wear a Surprising Shoe

An eye-catching shoe is a great way to make your presence known in the office. You can play with mixing a unique color pallet for your work outfit or go completely neutral and allow for your footwear to really pop! It’s up to you. Have fun with it!

A pair of turquoise platform dress shoes.

Lean into Prints

Wearing office-appropriate silhouettes in a combination of playful prints makes an impact. Learning to mix prints can take some practice, but once you get it down, it’s a great “fashion skill” to have. It really opens up the ability to be unique and playful again when going about the day.



Have Some Fun!

Just because we’re grown-ups doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun! At Doshi, we try to bring professional vegan accessories to you. But we never forgo style, unique touches and chances to break the mold. If you’re a lover of bold accessories check out our colorful, statement-making wallets.

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