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March 11, 2022 3 min read

Briefcases have gained more and more attention over the past couple of years thanks to social media. You’re no longer stuck choosing between a brown or black briefcase. Designers have really branched out and started creating briefcases in bold patterns, colors, and unexpected materials.

As wonderful as these briefcases are, they still serve their original purpose of holding the necessities like important documents, keys, electronics, writing utensils, etc. This is true for men's briefcases as well as women's briefcases.

The briefcase, while functional and classic, still carries misconceptions on what its used for and how it looks. Let’s take that stigma away and show you some tips for styling briefcases

Not all of the briefcases you’ll see below are vegan, but we just love how they’re styled. Don’t worry, though; we did link to some of our vegan briefcases and accessories.

How to Wear a Vegan Briefcase

Knowing how to wear a non-leather briefcase properly can be difficult. There are several ways to hold a briefcase; the way you wear it can complement your outfit and help flatter your body shape.

The most popular way a briefcase is worn is by carrying it via the handle and pairing it with a smart-looking suit. Be sure that when you’re not carrying the briefcase it is placed on its bottom so it’s standing upright. This will keep the bag new, you don’t want it laying on its side.

For the most part, briefcases are meant to be carried, but there are some parts of the bag that will affect how it looks on your body when you’re carrying it. Here are a few different ways to wear your briefcase:

  1. Make sure the length of your briefcase strap is appropriate. Your belt line should line up with the middle of your bag. This can change depending on how you wear the bag, so you may have to adjust the strap.
  2. When wearing a suit, you can choose to wear the briefcase cross-body or over the shoulder. Over the shoulder looks best with a suit/pantsuit because when you wear it cross-body it can disturb your tie and wrinkle your outfit.
  3. If you have a more casual outfit going, like a dress shirt and dress pants, then feel free to wear the briefcase crossbody. This can really compliment your body shape and compliment your outfit.

Of course, for all of these outfits, we recommend a vegan leather briefcase!

A Navy Suit with a Black Briefcase

A smiling man in a navy blue suit holds a black briefcase by the top handles.

For style and function, pair a navy suit with a black briefcase. The colors complement each other well. It’s a super classic look, you should add other classic accessories to this look to tie everything together like a professional belt and a bifold wallet.

Button-down Shirt and Blazer

A woman in a long beige blazer and white button up shirt holds a black briefcase over one shoulder with the shoulder strap.

Add to your professional look by incorporating a smoothly textured briefcase. You should try to match your accessories the best you can in terms of color and texture since this will bring the outfit together. For example, if you are using a smoothly textured briefcase make sure your belt and shoes are a smooth texture and the same color.

Mustard Overcoat with a Charcoal Gray Briefcase

A man in business attire with a mustard yellow overcoat carries a charcoal gray briefcase by its top handles.

We're loving this bold combo of a mustard overcoat and a charcoal gray briefcase. It instantly makes you look polished and smart. With this bold outfit, it’s best to use a neutral briefcase. However, if you’re wearing a neutral outfit a bright briefcase makes a wonderful accent piece! It's especially easy to find great colors in vegan briefcase bags.

Casual Button-Up and Jeans



Don’t be afraid to go casual; style a briefcase with a causal button-up and jeans for a trendy and stylish look. To add some flare to the outfit add some bolder accessories. Some silver bracelets and a patterned wallet would look lovely with this outfit.

Charcoal Wool Bomber Jacket and Navy Jeans

A man in a bomber jacket holds a burgandy briefcase by the top handles.

Consider pairing a charcoal wool bomber jacket with navy jeans take your personal style to the next. The burgundy briefcase is a perfectly subtle way to add even more style to your ensemble. This classic look works well with other outfit color combinations or a more unique briefcase color. It’s subdued but it still has an impact.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself!

Styling your vegan briefcase is important because it can change your outfit completely. We hope we’ve helped you figure out how to style a briefcase! Here on the Doshi Blog, we want to encourage and support people in buying and wearing vegan and ethical products.

Are you interested in getting vegan accessories? We offer a variety of vegan handmade designer options. Try our Mini Wallet, Square Reversible Belt, or City Brief.

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