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February 21, 2022 3 min read

A clutch is generally a small, flat bag, that doesn’t have any straps or handles. However, there are larger bags out there that have detachable handles and straps which are also labeled as a “clutch”. The main characteristics of this bag are slim and hand held.

Not all of the clutches you’ll see below are vegan but we just love how these styled their clutches. Don’t worry though we did link to some vegan clutches and our vegan accessories in this article too.

How to Wear a Clutch

For the most part, as the name implies, clutches are meant to be held. Knowing how to hold a clutch properly can be difficult. There are several ways to hold one, which can complement your outfit and help flatter your body shape.

Here are a few different ways to hold your clutch:

  1. Hold the clutch from the bottom, like it’s a newspaper. This is a secure way to hold the clutch and it leaves one of your hands free.
  2. Hold the clutch with both hands at the front of the body. This should be a position that you transition through, otherwise it may look like you’re uncomfortable and don’t want to socialize.
  3. Hold the clutch at one of its ends. This is a super casual way to hold a clutch, before you do this be sure that the clutch’s fastening is secure.
  4. Hold the clutch under your arm. When you really do have to tuck into that plate of yummy food. Just like option 2, this should be a pose you transition through otherwise, you’ll be in danger of looking stiff.

Styling Ideas for Vegan Clutches

Clutches are often associated with red carpets and other luxurious events. However, they can be worn at any event whether it’s going to be luxurious or not. You could be wearing evening wear, casual-daytime wear, office or even casual cool wear, and you can carry this stylish accessory with you anywhere. Here are some styling ideas for a clutch purse.

A Matching Pink Set



When wearing a brightly colored outfit, you can tone down the brightness with a neutral-colored clutch like the one seen in the photo above.

Button-down Shirt and Blazer



This look screams business professional. Add to your professional look by incorporating a smoothly textured clutch and an eye-catching buckle.

Midi Dress



Midi dresses are the perfect all-occasion looks. Don’t be afraid to match your clutch with your dress, doing so gives off a cohesive look.

Sheer Top with a Watch and Bracelets


Sheer tops offer a light, sophisticated appearance. Don’t forget to add bracelets and a watch to your outfit for a trendy and stylish look.

Sweater Dress


Some women prefer to have a clean, uniform look throughout their outfits. Sweater dresses and a neutral clutch offer exactly that.

Other women like to add a pop of color or texture to their look. If you’re one of those women, opt for a bold-patterned clutch purse.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself!

Finding how to style a vegan clutch is important; a clutch can change your outfit completely. We hope this article helped you figure out how to style a vegan clutch! Here on the Doshi Blog, we want to encourage and support people in buying and wearing vegan and ethical products.

Are you interested in getting vegan accessories? We offer a variety of vegan handmade designer options. Try our Mini Wallet, Square Reversible Belt, or City Brief.

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