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March 01, 2022 5 min read

A wallet is an invaluable device that every man uses, but it can be a challenge to find the right balance of what all it should carry. Cash and cards are staples, but how much, how many? Some people are “card-carrying” members of Costco or AARP, or walk around with their insurance card(s) constantly in-pocket. How often are these cards really used? 

What is the best way to optimize your wallet while also protecting your risk in case it's lost or stolen? 

To help organize and declutter your wallet, these are the questions you must ask and answer for yourself. However, we here at Doshi - where we offervegan wallets for men andwomen - want to provide some suggestions on what you should keep in your wallet. For everyday use, on travel holidays, or at fancy events, we have compiled a few pointers on the choice inventory within a wallet. 

Your Everyday Wallet Inventory

Not to overstate the obvious, but the primary purpose of your wallet should be access to money and identification. Many people today are completely cashless and use a credit card for everything, further lowering such an inventory.

Insurance cards are not always necessary either and many memberships can be confirmed via phone number. So a super minimalist wallet inventory could practically just be an ID and a credit or debit card. 

For everyday use, there are a few key items that everyone should take with them:  

  • Driver’s license (Student ID, if applicable)
  • 2 general-use credit/debit cards 
  • Medical insurance card
  • Auto insurance card (this could also be in your car) 
  • Grocery store rewards/membership cards
  • Some cash 

What about a list of things you should absolutely NOT be carrying around in your wallet? Here are some examples of items that may be useful or convenient to you some of the time but also could seriously endanger you in the event of your wallet being lost or stolen. 

  • Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport
  • Spare key(s)
  • Passwords or PINs
  • Checks
  • Gift cards (carry these only when you plan to use them) 
  • Receipts

Your social security card and number are vital to validating your identity, required for many major financial and security confirmations. Same goes for the birth certificate and passport. Carrying around any of them in your everyday wallet means a great deal of risk for potential identity theft. 

Spare keys to your car or home, passwords, blank checks -- all these items may be convenient for you but should not be in your pocket at all times, for blatant reasons. Gift cards would be one of the first things a thief would cash in on, so make sure you only have them on your person when you plan to use them that day.

As for receipts, aside from being a bulky addition to your back pocket, the information on any given receipt could be used to connect information for identity theft or access to your financial accounts. It’s best to throw them away or keep them in a safer location if they are relevant to your taxes or otherwise. 

Lost or stolen credit cards are easily canceled with their respective companies. And though losing your ID is a hassle, it too can be replaced. Thus, a good rule of thumb for your everyday wallet inventory should be - try to only include things in it that can most easily be replaced, with minimal damage to your finances or identity in the meantime. 

For everyday use, we recommend Doshi’s main vegan wallets, such as theClassic Bifold Wallet,Simple Slim Wallet, orCard Holder Sleeve. Each of these is made from vegan leather and provides comfortably-sized, efficient access to your most essential wallet items. 

How To Use Your Wallet Like a Travel Itinerary

For travel purposes, your wallet transforms into a more important role. Carrying your plane ticket, confirmation info for hotels, and other relevant details for your trip within your wallet can be a good idea. Aside from convenience, having all your most important info in physical docs within your wallet can keep your travel plans well-organized.

Essentially, you can treat your travel wallet as an easy-access itinerary, avoiding all the smartphone apps and URLs and QR codes if you so wish. And even if these docs are lost, they don’t pose as much of a risk to you and can be reproduced in a pinch on your smartphone or at the airport. 

In fact, when traveling it’s best to keep your wallet in the safest location on your person. Interior pockets, within a jacket, handbag, or fanny pack, make for good places to protect your wallet from potential pickpockets. When you take it out to pay, always remember to put it back in the same spot. Never put it down in a public place. And of course, pause to check and make sure it’s in your pocket anytime you leave somewhere. 

For a travel wallet, we’d even recommend you carry a pair. One for your itinerary items and another for your passport (which should be secure at all costs!) For one or both, you will definitely want awallet with lots of card slots. Losing your wallet while traveling can be a bigger headache, so you’ll definitely want thebest quality wallet on you. 

The DoshiTrifold Wallet andTrifold Wallet - Eco are great choices, with storage space for more documents, cards, and cash. Additionally, the DoshiPassport Wallet is a great choice for carrying that invaluable item overseas with peace of mind.

The Event Wallet: A Way to Showcase Your Style

For your attendance at a black tie event or party, you may want your wallet to shine. What you carry within it may be less important than what it looks like. It’s a part of your wardrobe and should reflect a component of your overall choice in fashion. 

And if it’s designer quality and made of sustainable vegan leather - you may even become the subject of conversation. Who doesn’t love that? 

As we previously discussed in ourwallet fashion guide blog, picking the right wallet for the right occasion can be an art form. Depending on what kind of statement you want to make, or how much bulk you want in your pockets while you explore a festive space, carry as little as you want in your event wallet. 

For events, we’d recommend ourPebbled Microfiber Leather Wallet or stylishSlim Wallet, each of which could be paired to match your outfit while carrying just the essentials. 

Guys, Keep Your Wallet Light, Safe, and Stylish

Altogether, your wallet shouldn’t ever be a burden on your peace of mind (and that includes using one with sustainable vegan leather!) Keep its inventory light, with just the essentials for whatever your occasion. 

We hope these tips help you keep your cash and cards secure. Come back toDoshi’s blog anytime for more tips on the vegan lifestyle. 

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