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March 03, 2022 2 min read

Style is a form of communication. Everything from your head to your toes (or shoes) says a little something about you. If you carry a vegan bag or vegan wallet, we will know that you care about animals and the environment. But the more obvious form of communication is the style you choose.

So, here is the absolutely exhaustive (don’t quote us) guide to what your wallet says about you.

Wallets with Lots of Card Slots

You have a lot going on, like a lot. Have you ever closed out a card account? No, never. You have rewards points for everything and are proud of it. Maybe one day you’ll slow down and simplify, but it’s not today.

A Funky Print

You like to bring a little fun and whimsy to everything you do. A polka-dot or a plaid is at home in your closet (or even your living room). You’re the bubbly one in the room and have a sense of joie de vivre. Don’t stop being you!


A Compact Wristlet

You’re practical but still know how to have a good time. You don’t think personality needs to be sacrificed for utility and this carries over to all areas of your life. You know how to keep your life in order while still keeping it interesting. A nice balance!


Passport Wallet

Obviously, you are a jet-setter. Where haven’t you been? And we know you already have your next adventure brewing in your mind. What people might not guess about you is that your feet are firmly planted on the ground even when you’re in the sky.


Classic Bifold

Just like it says, you’re a classic. Even if you have a vegan wallet, this still exudes a classic old-world feel. This style is tried and true, just like you. You might never change, but you don’t need to.


Sleek and Simple

You appreciate the beauty of minimalism and understand that less can be more. You are discerning because you only have room for the best and don’t appreciate clutter. Go ahead, keep on living that orderly life; you know it makes you happy.


A Wallet for Everyone

If you feel like your current wallet isn’t compatible with your true personality (or the one you aspire to have) we have beautifully crafted vegan leather wallets in a variety of different styles.

At Doshi, we aim to bring luxury vegan accessories to everyone, so we know you’ll find a vegan leather wallet that’s just right for you. Shop our wallets here.

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