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October 01, 2021 2 min read

Every kind of wallet provides a different experience. Users may not think about this that often, but different occasions require unique functions from their wallets.In the day-to-day, an average bifold will do the trick. At a formal event, a desired form to the wallet may exceed its function. If you are soon to travel, you are likely to need more room. 

Similarly, a vegan wallet will give you a different experience than a leather one. Whatever your situation, picking the right wallet may be a challenge. Read on to learn more about some of our wallets and their separate styles. 

The Everyday Wallet

For many, one wallet may be all they need. When considering what that wallet should be, consumers generally search for durability and ease of use. Or, if they are conscious toward animals and leather workers, avegan wallet

Wallets generally come in a few forms, with the most popular being the bifold. More minimalist designs resemble a money clip or a phone case. Some have zippers or more bulk to them. For everyday use, you should pick one that will fit your primary purpose. And generally, it should be treated as a long-term investment. 

From Doshi’s selection of designervegan wallets for men orwomen, our Vegan Slim Wallet with an ID Sleeve offers slim and spacious room for cards and cash alike. 

The Stylish Wallet 

A more stylish wallet may be preferred for a night out on the town. If you just need the essentials in an elegant package that could go in your bag or hold your phone, you might try out some different models. Avegan walletmakes a statement of its own when showing it off to friends. 

Doshi’s pair of specialty wallets, the Crossbody Phone Purse and Zip-around Half Wallet provide stylish ways for you to securely store the important stuff while you have fun on the dance floor or at the bar. For a more minimalist turn, the Mini Wallet could provide what you need. 

A stylish wallet could even become your favorite accessory, and thus, your everyday wallet. 

The Travel Wallet 

When you are traveling, your wallet becomes more necessary than ever. Passports and extra cash mean you will probably need extra space. You will never want to lose hold of it while on the move in a foreign land. A coat wallet or a fanny pack may be your best bet while you tour Europe or walk the beaches of Central America. 

Doshi has a pair ofvegan wallets that can provide you with just the form and function for the job. See thepassport wallet and theslim belt bag for a duo of options. Bigger size and storage mean more carrying capacity. Each should fulfill your travel needs by securing your financial and personal livelihood all in one convenient space. 

Fashionable Wallets for Every Occasion 

Your wallet serves you in a variety of times and places. Take your time to think of your most frequent occasions. Whether you pick a fold for an everyday feel, or pick a style meant to be shown off at the event, your wallet should reflect exactly what you want it for. 

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