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October 04, 2021 2 min read

When we think about a getaway, the first things many of us think of are beaches, palm trees, and the blistering summertime sun. However, not every getaway looks the same. With a season as beautiful as fall, now is the time for a change of scenery– hello hikes, warm-colored leaves, cozy sweaters, and pure serenity!

The great part about fall getaways is that they require way less packing than your typical summertime vacation. Forget the snorkeling gear and beach towels: everything you need for a fall getaway can fit into a stylish carry-on, like our Weekender Tote! So, grab these five essentials and get ready for the beautiful, serene getaway you deserve.

1. Comfortable boots

A close shot of someone wearing a set of black Doc Martins.

Photo by CottonBro from Pexels

When embarking on your fall getaway, it’s important to not only keep your toes warm, but comfortable as well! That’s why packing one, versatile pair of boots is an absolute must for a fall getaway trip.

Whether you’re roaming around the city or hiking in the forest, a great pair of boots are perfect for every occasion this fall.

2. Cozy sweats

A woman in a grey sweatsuit sits in front of a grey background.

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Nothing beats sipping cider in your most comfortable clothes during the fall season. On the “off hours” of your getaway, changing into your most cozy, comfortable sweats only enhances your weekend relaxation.

Bonus points if it’s a sweat-set: then you can mix and match with the other clothing items you packed!

3. Neutral sweater

A close shot of a woman holding four thick knit sweaters. From top to bottom: a light speckled white, a dark orange, a dark grey with white dots, and a plain light grey.

Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

A go-to on any fall trip, a neutral sweater provides a variety of options in terms of building outfits on your weekend getaway. You can dress it up with a fun necklace, scarf, or a chic belt (like our Square Reversible Belt), or dress it down with your favorite pair of leggings or sweats.

Either way, a neutral sweater gives you multiple outfits in just one piece of clothing: that’s how you pack smart!

4. Jeans

A close shot of a woman in high-rise light wash jeans.

Photo by Bianca from Pexels

On this trip, replace your trusted denim shorts for a comfortable, casual, and functional pair of jeans. Not only are these great to wear on a brisk walk through the woods, but they’re also a staple for date nights and dinners.


Paired with anything from a flannel to a cute sweater, jeans are a versatile essential for any fall trip.

5. Weekender tote

Finally, to hold all of your essentials, the Weekender Tote is your saving grace. getaway is a time for minimal stress–so say “goodbye” to packing up your typical vacation luggage.

Using a weekender bag is a more stylish and functional option for quick trips, especially during the fall. Our Weekender Tote is stylish, functional, and can fit all of your travel needs, especially on your fall weekend getaways.

Featuring slip pockets and even laptop padding, this is an optimal choice for packing your clothes and technology safely and fashionably.

Taking a Weekend Away in Style

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to change, consider a bit of fall scenery as opposed to a tropical beach vacation. Grab your weekender tote, and these five essentials, and get ready for a relaxing, beautiful, and well-deserved fall weekend getaway.

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