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October 05, 2021 3 min read

Ethical fashion is on the rise and gaining speed as vegan brands find their place in the 3 trillion dollar fashion market worldwide. When choosing their vegan fashion, mindful consumers look for key criteria such as cruelty-free, vegan, performance, fair-trade, organic, and sustainable brands.

Of course, consumer favorites and popular brands are forever changing the list, but at this moment, the following list is the best vegan brands to look out for in the industry.


The Beyond Skin logo - the company's name in black font.

This brand is at the top of the list of top vegan companies. Beyond Skin was established in 2001 to create lavish vegan footwear that is sustainable and authentic. They use recycled materials such as resin, PET plastics, and cardboard. All their products are made in Spain and ship worldwide. 

Beyond Skin creates a variety of shoe styles, including ankle boots, slingback kitten heels, block heel loafers, block heel dress sandals, cuff ankle boots, mules, faux leather loafers, faux croc mid-block heels, faux suede flat boots, knee-high boots, and much more!  


The company's logo - The company's name in blue Papyrus font with a blue circle around it.

Bhumi was founded by Vinita and Dushyant and is a 100% Australian-owned family business. They are dedicated to working for the planet and the people. While the company is based in Australia, all its products are made in India and shipped worldwide. 

Bhumi sells bedding, sheets, quilt covers, blankets, throw blankets, sleepwear, towels, head wraps, washcloths, robes, bath mats, shirts, bottoms, underwear, face masks, and more for men, women, and children. 

Mud Jeans

The company's logo - "Mud Jeans" in white on a blue background, with a trade seal above it.

Mud Jeans takes its brand to the next level with its mission to create a circular economy. This top vegan brand offers the option to lease jeans. This allows the jeans to be given back after use and recycled into a brand-new pair.

The jeans are made from organic and recycled cotton and never come into contact with pesticides. They follow fair production guidelines and only work with selected manufacturers to maintain the wellbeing of everyone involved in the process. 

Women’s Mud Jeans are available in skinny, flared, straight, and loose styles. Men’s styles include tapered, loose and straight. They also sell jackets, shirts, shorts, skirts, and bags. 


The company's logo - "Doshi" in black cursive-style font.

Doshi FCSA is based out of Southern California and was founded by Paras Doshi, who is vegan and purposely set out to create a company that offers environmentally conscious products to jet-setters, fashionistas, and professionals.

All materials used to make the products, including fabric, thread, glues, interlining, and hardware, are all 100% vegan. In addition, only high-quality microfiber, Pinatix, and kraft paper are used to create eco-friendly, durable, and fashionable products. 

Doshi sells luxurious items, including totes, clutches, crossbody, satchel briefs, backpacks, wallets, belts, face masks, and briefcases for men and women. The goal is to include vegan shoes in the years to come. 

Tree Tribe

The company's logo - a green graphic of a fir tree in a circle, with "Tree Tribe" written in green below it.

Outdoor lifestyle Tree Tribe draws its inspiration from nature. They plant a tree for every sale made and have already planted more than 400,000 worldwide. This US-based brand handcrafts its products from leaf leather that comes from sustainably harvested Teak leaves. Only fallen leaves are used, and the tree is not harmed in the process. 

Tree tribe sells various items, including eco bottles, cups, mugs, reusable straws, wallets, bags, nature journals, hoodies, leggings, t-shirts, sports bras, yoga shorts, face masks, and hats. 

Shopping Vegan in 2021

The top vegan brands mentioned here were created with heart, soul, and respect for animals. New vegan companies are created every day, and who knows which ones will make it to the top of the next best vegan brands list. For now, these shining stars are a must for passionate vegan fashionistas! Start shopping today! 

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