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March 13, 2023 4 min read

Vegan accessories can range from vegan leather belts to bags and shoes. We love that almost every leather accessory has a vegan alternative, especially when those alternatives are beautiful.

Retailers are offering more vegan clothing and accessory options than ever! So, we've got you covered if you’re looking to add a splash of style to your outfit or just need something simple to keep your pants up.

Are you looking for durable, high-quality vegan belts? Look no further; we’ve rounded up five of the best vegan belts of 2023.


First, let’s go over what vegan belts are made from. A wide variety of materials are used to make vegan belts. Below, you’ll find some of the more popular materials used.

  • Paper: Kraft Paper is strong. Due to uts reduced lignin content and high sulfur ratio. Belts made from this material are incredibly light and thin. Additionally, they’re 100% recyclable and use otherwise discarded materials to create new products.
  • Pinatex (pineapple leather): Pinatex, also known as pineapple leather, is a semi-synthetic or artificial leather made from pineapple waste. It’s a great option because it offers an ethical alternative to genuine leather.
  • Microfiber: PU or Polyurethane is a very popular type of vegan leather. Polyurethane is synthetic, but it can look very similar to genuine leather. PU is a valid choice because it‘s more sustainable.
  • Cork: Cork leather is made from the bark of Cork Oak trees. When harvested properly, removing the bark will not hurt the tree. In fact, proper removal of the bark is actually beneficial for the tree because it extends its life and promotes regeneration. Cork is a natural product that can be easily recycled.

The Best Vegan Belts of 2023

With styles for everyone, here are the best vegan belts of 2023, in no particular order.


A black belt with a gunmetal rectangular buckle.

The Doshi Polished Gunmetal Belt is simple and clean-looking. It combines durable microfiber with a gently detailed, polished gunmetal buckle. Most men prefer simplicity, and this belt is just perfect for that. Gunmetal is darker than silver, allowing it to blend in more while still catching the light. It gives the belt a unique touch without being too showy. This is a great belt for the office!


A cork belt with a silver oval buckle.


This Corkor Vegan Beltoffers a clean look with the smooth brown cork and silver-tone Italian buckle. This belt will seamlessly tie your look together. This belt is slim, versatile, and perfect for layering. Their cork is certified and shows their commitment to sustainably managed forests as well as proper harvesting.



A mahogany-colored belt with a white interior and a gold square buckle.

The Doshi Square Reversible Belt is another simple and clean-looking belt. It combines durable microfiber with a polished gold buckle. It comes in black/camel, light caramel/blue, bright red/white, oxlove/light grey, and pink/brown. Moreover, it’s a reversible belt that allows you to switch between colors. This way, you can wear it with any outfit! 


A blue belt with a tan interior and a silver rectangular buckle.

The Canussa Reversible Vegan Belt is both stylish and functional. It comes in black/red, blue/brown, and blue/camel. In addition, it has a reversible buckle that allows you to switch between colors. This way, you can wear it with any outfit! 

The fabric used for these belts has the appearance of genuine leather. The exterior of the belt is waterproof, and overall the microfiber is light, washable, and highly resistant against crackings, stains, and even chemical agents.


 A black belt with a gunmetal square buckle.

The Doshi Gunmetal Roller Italian Kraft Paper Vegan Belt is a beautiful belt that is made from German Kraft Paper that is reinforced with microfiber and a gunmetal roller buckle. It comes in black and brown. Moreover, it’s over 50% biodegradable and mostly made from cellulose!


A black fabric belt with a large smooth brushed silver buckle.

The GRIP6 Web Beltis 100% Nylon. It has no complicated ratchet belt system or holes, allowing easy use. It is comprised of a military belt strap that can pull over 2,000 pounds without breaking and a belt buckle. What we love about this belt is its infinite adjustable fit; once it’s locked in place, it’ll stay all day. Their products are made to last; high-quality materials are used, so they don't wear prematurely or break.

Why You Should Choose Doshi Vegan Belts

Belts are a great accessory because it’s the finishing touch to an outfit. Vegan belts are becoming more widely available these days, thanks to people adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle and more vegan brands popping up. Here at Doshi, we want to encourage and support people in buying and wearing vegan and ethical products. Here's why you should choose us:

  • We’re purposefully cruelty-free and animal-friendly. No animal products are used in our products creation and creation process. We’re devoted to supporting organizations that protect animal rights from beginning to end. Purchasing from us is an investment in animal activism.
  • We’re purposefully environmentally friendly. Our products are made in the most environmentally conscious way possible. We constantly push for better eco-friendly production and sustainability.
  • We use only the best materials. Our founder dedicates his time to hand-selecting all the materials that go into our belts. That means leather alternatives and high-quality vegan leather sourced from around the world and made to last a lifetime.
  • The craftsmanship we put into every product is second to none. Every one of our products, including our belts, is handmade by a skilled artisan. They’re one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • All of our products are rigorously tested for quality.We’re rapid-fire unfastening, tightening, pulling, and sliding to find all the usual and unusual problems. This is so we can fix them before the product is in your hand.
  • Our products are designed to be sleek, sophisticated, and straightforward. Our products give you the big-brand design standards without the big-brand environmental guilt or animal cruelty.


Vegan belts are just as timeless as the conventional version and even have price advantages! When you compare vegan designer belts to ones made of genuine leather, you’re likely to find that the vegan option is cheaper and doesn’t have a dip in quality. As an added bonus, you’re helping the animals. Vegan products make great alternatives!

Are you interested in getting vegan accessories to finish the look? We offer a variety of handmade designer vegan options. In addition, you can check out our women’s vegan belts and our men’s vegan belts.

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