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September 23, 2022 4 min read

Kraft Paper is a durable, machine-made paper that consists primarily of sustainably used wood pulp. It’s commonly used today in packaging, but recently companies, including us, have been using it to create sustainable accessories.

What is Kraft Paper?

You may not have noticed, but kraft paper is often used for packaging and printing. It often serves as a filler in the packages to protect the product and even gift wrap for boxes. It’s hard to find a package these days that doesn’t use Kraft paper in some way, especially since many companies are leaning towards using eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Kraft paper is an excellent choice for that.

Kraft paper was created in 1879 by Carl Dahl, and was named for the German word for strong – “kraft.” It is a durable, machine-made paper that consists mainly of wood pulp. Unlike other kinds of paper, though, kraft paper can be made from a combination of wood and non-wood materials such as resinous pine, agri-residues, and bamboo.

Because it is known for its strength, thickness, and high tear resistance due to highly-oriented fibers, Kraft Paper is starting to be used more in accessories like ours!

Vegan wallets and belts are becoming extremely popular, and companies are branching out with different materials. You may have heard of canvas, nylon, polyurethane, cork, etc., But have you heard of kraft paper wallets and belts?

How is Kraft Paper Made?

Kraft Paper is made from wood using the Kraft Process, which involves converting wood into wood pulp.

You may be wondering, “How is this any different than standard wood pulping”? The kraft process is different because it strips away the lignin. Doing this leaves mostly cellulose which is stronger than lignin, and results in a stronger paper. Cellulose and lignin are the two structural components in wood. However, lignin doesn't make good paper, so it is separated from the cellulose with a cooking process. This leaves wood pulp which is then screened to remove any large pieces.

Once complete, the wood pulp can be formed into various paper products like a vegan wallet or vegan belts.

Why Kraft Paper Stands Out

Kraft paper is stronger than other papers because its production doesn't involve extensive bleaching. Bleaching is a damaging process that decreases the paper’s strength, increases manufacturing costs, and harms the environment through the release of chemicals like chlorine into surrounding water.

All the chemicals used in making Kraft Paper are recovered and reused. The main byproducts of this process that are not recycled are tall oil and turpentine. These byproducts are used for other manufacturing purposes.

Benefits of Kraft Paper in Vegan Accessories

Here are some benefits that Kraft Paper has for vegan accessories.

Kraft Paper Gives Accessories a Timeless and Natural Beauty

Kraft Paper is something to consider if you’re looking for an accessory that will match most of your outfits and give off a naturally beautiful feel. It has a simple, appealing look that can help you achieve that goal.

However, there are companies – like Doshi! - making Kraft Paper products with more complex designs if you want something a little flashier. So don’t worry, there’s something for everyone!

Kraft Paper is Very Durable

The Kraft process helps make Kraft Paper inherently strong. Its natural durability is enough for most products. Kraft paper also doesn’t weigh much either. So, whether you pick up a vegan belt or a vegan wallet, you don’t have to worry about either weighing you down, but you can still be assured that you have a product with excellent durability.

Kraft Paper is Good for the Environment

Kraft paper follows a process that is much simpler than the one used for regular and uses fewer chemicals. Again, these chemicals can be recovered, recycled, and reused, with the remaining byproducts useable for the manufacturing processes of other items.

This is great for the environment because no unnecessary waste is being created, and an abundance of chemicals are not being used.

Kraft paper can also be made from different kinds of wood that can be harvested without permanently damaging natural forests. For example, pine and bamboo are not used for traditional paper making, but are excellent for the kraft paper process. In the end, kraft paper and the method used to make it is self-sustaining.

You’ll also be happy to know that kraft paper is recyclable! Kraft paper naturally degrades and doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. However, it can also be saved and reused!

Get Excited: New Product and Colors Coming Soon

A black kraft paper belt with a square gunmetal buckle.

Coming soon to the Doshi store is our Continental Brown Floral Kraft Paper Wallet! This pattern will look familiar to those who have purchased our Kraft Paper Tote or Debut Kraft Paper Backpack.

We also have our very first Kraft Paper vegan belt available for pre-order! Our Gunmetal Roller Kraft Paper Vegan Belt is made from German Kraft Paper that was finished in Italy and combined with our super durable microfiber to produce a fantastic vegan belt.

Through this partnership and expansion of vegan leather options, we hope to continue our mission of making more clothing and accessories vegan - and just as stylish as their non-vegan counterparts.

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