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August 12, 2022 2 min read

Doshi carries vegan wallets made from a variety of vegan materials, but one of our materials gets more intrigued questions than any other:Piñatex

Created byAnanas Anam (a Certified B Corporation®), Piñatex’s vegan leather alternative is an all-natural textile made from the waste of pineapple leaf fiber. The pineapple leaves are a sustainably sourced byproduct of existing agriculture and even provide an additional income stream for farming communities. 

Cruelty-free and as luxurious as real leather, Piñatex is the prime-time vegan leather material of the future. Doshi features a growing selection of fine wallets made from it. Read on to find out more about the fruit leather and some of our vegan wallets.

How Piñatex Vegan Leather is Made

For Ananas Anam, the creators of Piñatex, design is not just about the product - but theresponsibility they have toward the environment and their stakeholders. 

Truly, Piñatex is a rare product in the vegan world, hitting “all the sustainability buttons at once.” According to director Clare Brass, this leather substitute is completely cradle to cradle. It simultaneously saves the environmental waste and animal cruelty of traditional leather while also providing additional welfare to subsistence farmers fully utilizing their crops for the sake of its production. 

Headquartered in London, Ananas Anam is the company that manufactures, markets, and sells Piñatex. They have subsidiaries in the Philippines and Spain, and ship worldwide. Ananas Anam is alsoB Corporation, meaning they meet certain sustainability standards in how they operate as a whole. 

As you can see, Doshi adopting the Piñatex fruit leather material in the manufacture of our own products is a win-win for the vegan cause. 

Doshi’s Piñatex Vegan Wallets  

At Doshi, we are proud to offer several items in this exciting new material.

First and foremost, Doshi features aBifold Piñatex Vegan Wallet that is exquisite, durable, sustainable, and biodegradable. 

A black leather-like wallet with an embossed "Doshi" logo.

The exterior of our Piñatex wallet is stitched together at the corners and is soft and light yet durable and scratch resistant. The interior is made from Recycled Plastic Bottle (RPET) polyester lining, providing an additional source of sustainable manufacture that we are happy to show off. It features six credit card slots and dual cash sleeves, and even includes RFID protection. 

The Doshi store also has aMoney Clip Card Holder made of Piñatex. As a PETA-approved vegan wallet, our fruit leather money clip has the same general texture as our bifold and is just as durably scratch-resistant. 

A black leather-like money clip.

Piñatex is the Future of Vegan Leather Alternatives

For Doshi - and hopefully the world - Piñatex and similar products are the future of vegan leather alternatives. This pineapple leather, alongwith its cousins made from the fruits themselves and other recycled materials, is made from sustainable, biodegradable processes and replaces the hefty and cruel carbon footprint of traditional leather. 

With Piñatex products in our store, we hope to introduce this future to the uninitiated and normalize the costs around its manufacture in the years to come. Together, by supporting upstanding organizations like Ananas Anam and educating the consuming public on the alternatives out there for traditionally leather products like wallets, bags and cases -- maybe we can change the world.

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