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October 24, 2022 4 min read

We are surrounded by a massive variety of bags when shopping. They come in so many different shapes, colors, and styles. However, it can still feel limited when shopping as a vegan. The good news is there are vegan handbags out there.

But not all bags are vegan, and there are things to look out for when trying to pick up your new favorite bag. For example, many bags appear vegan due to a cloth or canvas body, but upon closer inspection, it can be seen that animal products were used.

Here is everything we know about vegan bags and what to look for. We mainly need to look for leather used in the bag's creation. Traditional leather is typically made from animal hide and is not vegan.

What is a Vegan Bag?

Vegan bags are bags that are made with no animal products whatsoever. This means every bag part is cruelty-free, from the exterior material down to the glue. However, vegan handbags aren’t just about not using animal products. Many consumers are looking for sustainable products. Because of this, companies are now trying to use materials that are as sustainable as possible for everyone.

Of course, not every company is like this, so we always want to stress that you should do your research and make sure that the brand you are buying from isn’t using the vegan label while still funding sweatshop conditions.

Why Choose a Vegan Bag?

There are many reasons why you should choose a vegan bag. Here are some of the most important reasons:

  • They’re Cruelty-Free.

 It’s well-known that leather comes from animals. It's cowhide that’s most commonly used when it comes to bags. Here at Doshi, we use Microfiber PU as our vegan leather. Of course, there's no animal content in the material, but we preserve the moniker "leather" to give people an idea of what the material will feel like. Microfiber is the key term as Microfiber based vegan leather is the highest grade of synthetic leather commercially available in the market today. Microfiber vegan leather consists of two parts, the microfiber base, and the polyurethane top coat. The resulting material is generally extremely durable and often outperforms leather in a variety of tests.

  • They’re More Modern

The future of veganism is continuously growing. This is due to the increasing amount of people making the switch. On average, vegan products create less waste. This makes it one of the most efficient processes in the fashion industry!

  • They're Environment-Friendly

Veganism isn’t only concerned with the treatment of animals. Environmental protection is another significant factor. For example, making a vegan leather bag requires fewer resources and produces less air pollution than a leather tannery alone.

  • They're Not Like Leather

At a glance, you can’t tell the difference between vegan leather and genuine leather. This is because vegan leather that's high-quality has the same texture as natural leather. Because of vegan leather's capacity to keep pigment, it’s also more adaptable. There's no reason not to consider vegan bags as a stylish option! 

How to Buy a Vegan Bag

Here's how you can buy a vegan bag online or in person.

1.   Check if It’s Vegan

You may be wondering, how do I know if the bag is vegan? Vegan materials are anything that’s not made from animals—no leather, fur, wool, silk, exotic animal skins, or down. Common vegan materials include PU, PVC, recycled plastic, canvas, piñatex, apple leather, and even silk from bamboo.

2.   Feel the Bag

Arguably, the quality of the bag comes down to how it feels.You’ll be handling the bag for hours every day, so if you find the material uncomfortable and rough against your skin, you'll most likely end up hating the bag.

3.   Check the Materials It’s Made With

How durable is the material? What is the hardware made of? What’s the piping like? What’s the lining like? Ask yourself these questions when checking the materials; the bag may be vegan, but if it’s not suitable material for your lifestyle, it could cause problems.

4.   Does it Have Feet?

Feet at the small studs on the bottom of a handbag that are usually made of rubber, metal, or plastic. Handbags with feet have a more polished look to them and are more functional. Not only do they look more sophisticated, but they allow you to set your bag down on a surface without having to worry about the material getting dirty. You’ll find feet on satchels, box bags, and crossbody bags.

Wrapping Up

Here on the Doshi Blog, we want to encourage and support people in buying and wearing vegan and ethical products.

Vegan products are just as timeless as the conventional version and have price advantages. When you compare vegan designer bags to ones made of genuine leather, you’ll often find that the vegan options are cheaper, with no dip in quality and a huge bonus in moral integrity. For these reasons, vegan accessories/products make great alternatives!

Are you interested in getting vegan accessories to finish the look? We offer a variety of handmade designer vegan options. In addition, you can check out our Vegan Handbags, Vegan Backpacks, and Vegan Briefcases.

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