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2019-2020: Doshi's First Five For The World Donations / Covid-19 Efforts

For 2019 and 2020, we have created a joint page for two reasons.  In 2019, we had our best year yet however we attended a trade show early in 2020 which was an expensive endeavor. While we sold to a few new small retailers, the show created a loss.  In combination with Covid-19, we were have faced difficult business conditions. Still we will list our 2019 donations once we are able to gather all of our data.


For 2020, we have used the downturn in business because of Covid to dedicate our efforts to procuring masks which we are providing to customers near cost.  What we are not able to provide as far as financial assistance, we are providing with manpower in our efforts to source masks from China and locally to make them available.

For 2020, as of the end of our Fight the Virus Campaign (March 13 - May 31, 2020, we've raised $459 from our Fight The Virus campaign where we gave 10% off purchases to you and are giving 10% of sales from the campaign to Covid related efforts.

How we're using the money that we raised:

While our original intent was to send funds to the World Health Organization's Covid Releif Fund, we recently saw a World News Report on various Native American reservations experiencing extremely high rates of Covid. Along with that report we saw this heart-warming story of Marco Meraz, a restaurant owner whose restaurant is closed for dine-in due to Covid, making an extraordinary effort to help those in need:

Marco, along with a number of volunteers has been gathering food and supplies and making weekly trips driving six hours to various Native American families in remote towns.

May 26, 2020:

We are sending 7 packages (350 pieces) of our disposable masks and 6 packages (30 pieces) of our KN95 masks to be a part of his efforts. We will likely send more masks once we get feedback from Marco.

June 8, 2020:

We received feedback that the masks were very helpful and so we're sending a second batch.  This time we're sending 9 packages (450 pieces) of our disposable masks and 8 packages (40 pieces) of our KN95 masks. 

October 2, 2020

We are sending 7 packages (350 pieces) of our disposable masks and 4 ten packs (40 pieces) of our KN95 masks.



Disposable Masks donated: 1,150 pieces

KN95 Masks donated: 110 pieces



In 2019, Doshi donated:

  1. $Placeholder in cash to animal rights organizations and organizations uplifting people and animals who need assistance.
  2. $Placeholder worth of goods (vegan bags, backpacks, belts and briefcases).