Best Vegan Leather Men's Briefcases

Top Vegan Leather Men's Briefcases

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Classic Large Brief

A classic briefcase with a microfiber shell, this briefcase offers a distinctive, yet nostalgic shape and a great deal of organization with three separate zippered compartments.

Doshi Classic Large Brief 2 - Men - Vegan - Doshi FCSA

City Brief

The City Brief is a new vegan briefcase for 2020.  Meant for the commuter, the shoulder strap attaches to solid D rings on the back of the briefcase and allows it to hang off of the shoulder with less slippage.  The rear mounted strap also gives the bag clean lines along its sides.

City Brief

Slim Pebbled Brief

A slim briefcase with a classic pebbled microfiber leather shell, this briefcase is so soft and supple, you won't be able to keep your hands off of it.

Doshi Slim Pebbled Brief - Men's - Vegan - Doshi FCSA