NEW & IMPROVED! Professional 2 - Brushed Silver PVD 5.0 Vegan Belt


If your jeans fit well, please order the same size as your jeans size.


The same buckle as our best-selling Professional 2 belts except we've upgraded the plating technology to PVD (physical vapor deposit) which improves the longevity of the buckle. The brushed silver finish has a slightly less mirror finish than our Professional 2 Polished Chrome Belt. The difference is small but this belt is made for those who want a bit more subtlety to their buckle.

This belt is also part of our new 2022 5.0 line where each belt is between 4.8 mm and 5.2 mm thick. That's anywhere between 10% and 25% thicker than our previous belts. This thickness gives the belts what we think is the perfect heft without being overbearing. We're confident you'll like the way it feels.


  • New, PVD buckle.
  • High-quality construction and high-quality microfiber leather.
  • No leather or animal products used.
  • PETA-Approved Vegan Belt
  • Outshines any other vegan belt remotely within its price range. You might buy a more expensive vegan belt, but you won't buy a better one.
  • WIDTH: 1 3/8" (Appropriate for a dress or formal wear.)


  • Doshi's commitment is to give 5% of revenue to charities benefiting animals, people, and the environment.