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November 19, 2021 5 min read

Are you passing on the turkey and dairy-based foods this year? Do you have vegan family members vising? Thanksgiving is all about being with family, so you want to make sure that there is something for everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all of the Thanksgiving classics!

There is a big myth that cooking vegan requires a lot more work and tricky ingredients that you have to track down. This couldn’t be farther from the truth; you’ll be happy to know that many vegan recipes are really easy to make! You can make Thanksgiving favorites like pumpkin pie, stuffing, and mashed potatoes vegan by only swapping out a few ingredients.

Below are ten of the best vegan Thanksgiving recipes we could find. You’ll find everything you need to create the perfect plant-based feast!

1. Stuffed Acorn Squash

A white casserole dish containing stuffed green and yellow acorn squash.

Stuffed acorn squash is a very popular vegan Thanksgiving main dish. It’s a delicious and satisfying meal. Acorn squash is in its peak season around this time as well. While this is a popular main dish you can also leave the squash halves empty and roast them, which makes a delicious side dish! There are many things you can do with acorn squash to tie it into your Thanksgiving meal but we really recommend this stuffed acorn squash.

The recipe here uses tempeh, yellow onion, cremini mushrooms, garlic, walnuts, and cranberries as the stuffing. This is a delicious mix, but please feel free to add other ingredients like tofu, chickpeas, or any other ingredients that you love! You can view the recipe here.

2. Vegan Mashed Potatoes

 A bowl of mashed potatoes with skins and rosemary mixed in.

This dish is non-negotiable. It’s not Thanksgiving without the mashed potatoes! These potatoes are creamy and delicious like regular mashed potatoes, just without the dairy! This recipe adds rosemary to give the dish a bold fall flavor. You can view the recipe here.

3. Cranberry Sauce

 A bowl of red cranberry sauce with a wodden spoon in it.

Cranberry sauce is usually always vegan, as it rarely ever contains any animal-based ingredients. This includes most of the canned kinds which you can buy, but why not make your own? There’s a reason why I wanted to share this with you! It’s the perfect vegan holiday food, you can tweak it to fit your liking.

Not only is this cranberry sauce super easy to make, you only need 4 ingredients and 20 minutes, but it’s also just the right amount of sweet and tart. This sauce is finished off with orange zest which gives it the perfect zing.

If you follow the recipe completely, all you need is four ingredients, and it only takes 20 minutes to cook! You can view the recipe here.

4. Creamy Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta

A bowl of yellow rotini pasta with broccoli.

You may be thinking, “Pasta for Thanksgiving? Really”? Absolutely! It’s a recipe that has a cozy autumn flavor due to the sage and thyme used in the recipe. It is definitely different but it’s a really comforting dish. You can view the recipe here.

5. Miso Roasted Carrots

A blue ceramic plate holds orange roasted carrots covered in various nuts and spices.

These miso roasted carrots are topped with delicious spices and nuts, adding a whole bunch of flavor and texture. They’ll definitely impress all of your guests.

You may be wondering though, why miso? Well, miso has a salty flavor. It pairs really well with the sugary sweet flavor you get when you roast the carrots. You can view the recipe here.

6. Vegan Pumpkin Pie

 A slice of dark orange pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.

Just like mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie at the Thanksgiving table is non-negotiable. It has to be there. This vegan pumpkin pie is just as good as the classic. It’s topped with delicious and super silky coconut whipped cream. You can view the recipe here.

7. Vegan Stuffing

 A casserole dish of stuffing. There are visible chunks of bread mixed with various seasonings.

Stuffing is arguably the best Thanksgiving dish. Unfortunately, many vegans haven’t been able to enjoy this amazing dish…until now! This stuffing is just as flavorful as the original.

To get the best results be sure to use a loaf of bread that is quality and a nice kind of olive oil. There are two ways to dry the bread out that will work great. You can either slice your bread and leave it out the night before or toast it in an oven at 200° for about 20 minutes. The drier the bread the less mushy it will be after you bake it. An added bonus is that you'll get extra-crunchy tops that are delicious!

This recipe serves eight people and takes an hour and forty minutes total. You can view the vegan holiday recipe here.

8. Vegan Green Bean Casserole

 A bowl of green bean casserole with crispy onions on top.

The onion topping on this green bean casserole is just perfect; it’s so much better than the onions you traditionally see. It’s a great tasty side option. This recipe serves four and takes an hour and twenty minutes total. You can view the recipe here.

9. Vegan Cheesecake

A cheesecake with a high graham cracker crust on the bottom and raspberry jam and whole raspberries on top. There is a slice taken out to one side.

This cheesecake is just downright incredible. This vegan cake is rich, smooth, and creamy, all thanks to soaked cashews!

The most crucial part of this recipe is time, the cashews must be rehydrated fully to get the best texture. If you don't have enough time to soak the cashews overnight, there's something you can do: soak the cashews for 2 hours in boiling water.

This recipe calls for refined coconut oil because it has a more neutral flavor in comparison to other oils and allows all the ingredients to coexist beautifully. If you want to taste more coconut opt for virgin coconut oil. While the raspberry topping for this cheesecake is optional, we really recommend it. It really makes this cheesecake better.

If you’re interested in making this dessert, please give yourself enough time. This cheesecake takes six hours and fifty minutes total. You can view the recipe here.

10. Vegan Mushroom Gravy

 A bowl of mashed potatoes topped with mushrooms and thick brown gravy.

This easy vegan gravy will take your mashed potatoes to the next level! The gravy is made from scratch and tastes amazing, even the meat-eaters will fall for its awesome taste and texture. You can view the vegan recipe here.

Happy Feasting!

We hope you enjoyed our thoughtfully curated list of delicious vegan food to try this Thanksgiving! We tried to share a nice balance of traditional dishes along with more unique dishes that most have not tried. We hope that you were able to find some dishes to serve on Thanksgiving!

These vegan Thanksgiving sides, vegan Thanksgiving main dishes, and vegan Thanksgiving desserts are perfect for everyone. They can be prepped in no time and will please any vegan, plant-based, or any guests you have really. On top of being people-pleasers, these recipes are great for those watching their blood sugar levels or those looking to add more fiber to their diet.

We could add so many more options to this list, more and more vegan recipes are being curated as more people go vegan and plant-based. We want to encourage and support people in transitioning to healthier lifestyles, going vegan, and eating plant-based, that’s why we love sharing great options. Check out our blog for more holiday content by clicking here.

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