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August 25, 2021 2 min read

We all need a little laugh every now and again. And who doesn’t love a good meme? As vegans, both in our diets and in our fashion, we wanted to share some of our favorite vegan memes that we totally related to, and we’re sure you will too!

As if!

A gif of Clueless; Cher Horowitz, labeled "Me", pushes away a boy, labeled "Fast fashion brands". Text at the bottom reads "Ew! Get off me! Ugh, as if!"

Credit: Jennifer Nini/Eco Warrior Princess using Paramount Movies gif.

As a vegan fashion brand, we contend with the overarching evils and unethical practices of the fast-fashion industry. We are so encouraged to see that ethical practices and sustainability is becoming a larger factor for many shoppers.

Vegan and non-vegan alike, people are starting to be more concerned with the manufacturing of their everyday items. That’s a huge win for the planet and everyone on it!

So Many Benefits

The Small List meme; a man squints at a very small piece of paper. Text over the image reads


We could go on and on about the plant-based life benefits! But this meme about being vegan says it all. We’re glad that other people see that there are so many more pros than cons to a vegan diet and lifestyle.

We went vegan and never looked back. We even made a whole company dedicated to vegan principles! 

Sparking Your Interest in Eco

House on Fire meme; a small girl, labeled "Buying all my eco sneakers", smiles at the camera as a house, labeled "The fast fashion industry", burns behind her.

Credit: Meme Generator

We love this meme because it reinforces the idea that we vote with our dollar! Supporting companies with good values takes away from the companies with questionable practices.

This principle goes beyond fashion! Buy your “eco sneakers”, vegan accessories and sustainably made clothes knowing that you’re taking support away from businesses that pollute and exploit. Overall, you get to have your cake and eat it too.

Too Relatable

A frowning woman, apparently at a party, holding a very large watermelon. Text above the image reads,

Credit: @katandryry via instagram

This meme about vegans is the truest thing out there! We’ve all been in this position. Luckily, with more people going vegan and even more people including vegan foods into their diets, usually there’s something vegan-friendly lying around now.

But when in doubt, bring your own giant watermelon!


We Don’t Miss It

A picture of a young boy, looking disgusted, with text that reads,

Credit: @themindfulargonaut on Pinterest

We’re so excited to more companies moving to or being created from sustainable practices. We love seeing vegan and sustainable brands even more than we like seeing funny memes about being vegan.

They both bring us joy but knowing that more people are leaving fast fashion behind for ‘kinder” products is truly heart-warming.

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