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November 28, 2023 2 min read

The holiday season is upon us, and it's the perfect time to embrace a cruelty-free and glamorous look that not only celebrates the festive spirit but also aligns with your values. If you're a conscious consumer who loves vegan fashion and accessories, we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll share some vegan beauty tips to help you achieve a stunning holiday glam that pairs perfectly with your Doshi accessories – because cruelty-free beauty and style go hand in hand.

Start with a Vegan Base

The key to any flawless makeup look is a smooth and even base. Opt for vegan and cruelty-free foundations and concealers to create a flawless canvas for your holiday glam. Look for brands that prioritize plant-based ingredients and are committed to cruelty-free testing practices.

Eco-friendly Brushes

Investing in high-quality, vegan makeup brushes is essential for achieving a polished look. Not only are these brushes cruelty-free, but they also contribute to reducing environmental impact. Choose brushes made from synthetic fibers and bamboo handles to align with your eco-conscious values.

Dramatic Eyes with Vegan Eyeshadows

Elevate your holiday glam with stunning eyeshadow shades that are both vibrant and vegan. Many beauty brands now offer a wide range of cruelty-free eyeshadows that are highly pigmented and long-lasting. Experiment with bold colors that complement your Doshi accessories, adding a touch of sophistication to your festive look.

Cruelty-Free Eyeliner and Mascara

Define your eyes with vegan eyeliner and mascara. Whether you prefer a classic winged look or bold, voluminous lashes, there are cruelty-free options available that deliver the same intensity and drama without harming animals. Achieve the perfect cat-eye or lush lashes without compromising your commitment to ethical beauty.

Vibrant Lips with Vegan Lipsticks

No holiday look is complete without a statement lip color. Choose vegan lipsticks that provide rich, vibrant hues while keeping your lips moisturized. From classic reds to deep berries, there's a cruelty-free option for every festive occasion. Make a bold statement that perfectly complements your Doshi accessories.

Glow with Vegan Highlighters

Create a radiant and luminous finish with vegan highlighters. These cruelty-free products add a touch of sparkle to your holiday glam, accentuating your best features. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a more intense shimmer, vegan highlighters provide the perfect finishing touch.

Setting Spray for Long-Lasting Glam

Lock in your holiday look with a vegan setting spray. Not only does it help your makeup last longer, but it also gives your skin a refreshed and dewy appearance. Look for cruelty-free setting sprays that keep your makeup in place without compromising your commitment to ethical beauty.


This holiday season, embrace the beauty of cruelty-free and vegan makeup that complements your Doshi accessories. By incorporating these vegan beauty tips into your routine, you can achieve a stunning holiday glam while staying true to your values. Celebrate the festivities in style, knowing that your conscious choices contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable world. Happy holidays, and may your vegan beauty shine as brightly as the season itself!

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