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Women's Gold Ring Belt - Black (Only Size 40 Left)

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DESCRIPTION: Our Gold Ring Belt is a wide belt with a solid gold-colored buckle.

WIDTH: 1.5"/ 3.8 cm Fits most jeans.

THICKNESS: 1/8" / 4mm (this belt is a bit thick and quite sturdy)

SIZING: Our women's belts are sized according to the smallest part of your waist. Please measure yourself at the point of your body where you will normally wear your belt. If you wear your belt at your waist, your measurement will likely be accurate. If you wear your belt down towards your hips, the measurement will be larger and you will need a larger size. Please choose your size accordingly.

Jeans and pants typically are sized small and may not provide an accurate measurement of your waist size. Generally, you should order a belt one to two sizes above your jeans size.

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PETA-Approved Vegan Belt